1 1 discussion introduction and assessment tools

Welcome to the course! Let’s begin by thinking about and discussing various assessment tools.

In your initial post, start by introducing yourself to your peers. Include why you are taking this class and what experience you have related to measurement and assessment (none). Then, think about ways in your current or future field (or in your experience) in which assessment tools are used (future field will be social worker at a school). Which assessments are used, and do you think they are effective? Why or why not?

After you have posted your initial response, read through the posts of your peers. In response to two of your peers, consider whether you agree with their assessments of the effectiveness of the tests.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.




My name is Vivian, I am Brazilian, and I live in Düsseldorf, Germany, for the past 2.5 years. I have a five-year-old son. I have a BA in Psychology from UMass Boston and a Postgrad Certificate in Human Resources from a University in Brazil. I am taking this course because it is a requirement for the MS Psychology Child Development program.

In my field of study, there are many assessment tools to be used to evaluate child developments. Such tools involve questionnaires and or observations to assess a child’s behavior, language, emotions, and so on. Here in Germany, each kid receives a U screening book right after birth (The U Screening, 2014). This book is a guideline for developmental checkups for babies and children. The pediatrician does these checkups from birth until a child is 14 years old. I think this system used in Germany is advantageous because Doctors have to follow the same guidelines to check child development. The checkups are according to the child ages and involve, psychical, behavioral, motor skills, language development, emotional development and many other screenings that can be used to spot early signs of developmental issues, allowing the child and family to get support and help early on. Here is an example of one of these assessments:

“U7a: 34 to 36 months after birth: At this examination, your Dr.’s will check the status of your child’s vaccination’s as well as checking its eyes, ears, stomach, feet etc. Linguistic development is particularly focused on and there will be a few little tests like a simple puzzle in which your child has to match pictures and jumping off a step. At this age, the Dr’s will start considering recommending therapies/specialists for any physical or mental difficulties the child may be having” (The U Screening, 2014).


The U screenings explained: baby & child developmental checks in Berlin. (2014). Berlin for all the Family. Retrieved from http://www.berlinforallthefamily.com/health/whatar…


Hi everyone!

My name is Victoria!

Ever since I was younger, mental health and psychology have always intrigued me and been a huge passion. I grew up with family members who suffered from severe mental illnesses, so I think being in this field is just second nature to me. I’m ultimately taking this class to earn my masters in Clinical Counseling with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology.

I am about to start a new position for the state in a brand new competency restoration facility so I’m sure I’ll be seeing some assessment tools used in one form or another. Up until now though, my experience with measurement and assessment is fairly limited. Aside from a couple classes in my Bachelors degree, I don’t believe I have much experience with measurement and assessment.

After completing the assigned reading, I will definitely be coming across utilizing a lot of assessment tools, some I actually have already utilized. A few of these assessments are motivational interviewing, role playing, and case history data. I think case history data is an assessment that is widely used, because the information in someone’s background is so important and so helpful to know when interacting with that person, or trying to understand why they did what they did – depending on the field of work that you’re in. Motivational interviewing is another assessment that I think is very widely used. I’ve used motivational interviewing, almost on a daily basis at my old job, and never realized it was an assessment tool. Lastly, I think role playing can be extremely useful when used to help the right person.

I think for most assessment tools, they are all useful in their own way. With that being said, they have to be used and completely properly and appropriately for them to be useful and successful.


Cohen, R.J., & Swerdlik, M. E. (2018). Psychological Testing and Assessment: An Introduction to Tests and Measurement (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

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