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Introduction to Human Communication

Lesson 6 At-Home Midterm Part II

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Part I. A Case Study Task (50 points)

You are asked to work on a new project with a group of co-workers; everyone in the group has already been notified about being assigned to this group and the project. Effective group communication is necessary for this project. You know who these people are, but you have not had much contact with them since they all work in different branches of the company, in different cities. Your supervisor has indicated:

1.You have the group communication role of initiator.

2.Most of the work can be done by emailing each other in order to coordinate tasks and provide and seek information.

3.The group can also use the company’s teleconference phone system for monthly updates when synchronous communication is needed.

Using the first three steps of the communication decision-making tool, DECIDE, write an email message (at least 2-3 paragraphs) to the group focusing on the following:

Initiating group communication so everyone effectively communicates with each other.

Initiate group communication about group communication norms for dealing with group communication roles and for dealing with effective interpersonal communication while using these communication technologies. (Specifically discuss tact, courtesy, and language adaptation that would be acceptable in workplace group communication.

Communication about what the group might need to know about possible advantages of communicating by the channels of email and in a teleconference.

Communication about what the group might need to know about possible disadvantages of communicating by the channels of email and in a teleconference.

Start discussions about possible interference with these two channels of communication and suggest how the group might reduce or eliminate these.



To: jacobsoncompanyltd@gmail.com

From: johnbatista23@gmail.com

Cc: all the company members

Subject: Effective group communication.

To whom it may concern,

My name is John Batista I am contacting you to communicate on the importance of effective group communication. As you are all aware, we have been assigned a task to work on a new project by the company. I am therefore writing in order to initiate a group communication platform so that everyone in this group would be able to communicate with each other effectively. I would like to urge all the members assigned the tasks to participate in the decision making.

Everyone is hence required to develop behaviors such as, engaging in one conversation at a time, listening to what is being said and also asking questions. This will help in dealing with communication among others. They are advised to look for ways to make ideas work, help each other win, help each other be right. Moreover, each group member is advised to use one formal language (English Language) and to adapt to it as it the only language going to be used for the project.

The group should also be aware of other means of communication such as emails and teleconferences. This will happen in situations where they may not be time for group members to meet. These channels of communication are important since they don’t consume a lot of time and can be very effective when people are busy. However, these means of communication may sometimes not be very effective especially in cases of network problems. They can fail to reach every group member hence the information may end up not reaching everyone. Some group members may also not be in a position to access these channels due to lack of electronic devices required. It is thereforeadvisable for members to only use these models of communication when they are best effective ,that is when the network is available andwhen they are sure that the all the group members have the electronic gadgets needed.

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Part II. An Essay Question (50 points)

Write a reflective essay regarding your group communication decision-making utilized in the above email you wrote for the case study task. It is expected that you will integrate key terms and concepts from Lessons 1-5 in your essay answer. The essay answer should be at least three to four paragraphs and should include responses to the following questions:

What are the decisions you made for DECIDE: Step 1. Define goal, Step 2. Evaluate receiver / situation and Step 3. Create message before you wrote the email message to the group in the case study?

In addition to these decisions, what are questions you needed to ask yourself to ensure effective group communication by practicing anticipatory metacommunication, adaptive metacommunication, and reflective metacommunication?

Conclude your essay by explaining how the decisions you made and the metacommunication you practiced helped you write a message that should reduce the possibility of poor group communication among the group members.


Communication is essential in a group decision making.Decision making involves processes that groups go through in order to recognize alternative choices. Members basically influence each other when it comes to decision making. This is through the messages they exchange. A member for example, can oppose another member’s idea. The group members are therefore faced with the task of reconciling the differences in professional ways. The paper discusses the relevant skills, evaluations and decisions that one should consider before coming up with effective group communication.

As a group initiator, came up with the following decisions before writing the email message to the group; first, I created a conducive environment suitable for exploring the current situation (a task was given). This, I did by first ensuring that all the two groups were fully aware of the designed task and were more than willing to perform it. I then defined the major goals and objectives of the assigned task after which I made every member aware of the defined goals.

Second, I deeply investigated the situation that is I made sure that I understood the situation very well, researched on the task given and made myself well conversant with it. Third, I came up with alternatives by exploring my options. My options for this situation included either using email or teleconference. Fourth, I selected the best option. Since writing the email was my best alternative, I decided to choose on it. I then took action by communicating my decision.In as much as I made the above decisions, I still needed to ask myself questions such as, would all the group members receive the sent mail, would they all be satisfied by the chosen channels of communication, were all the members willing to take part in the decision making? Another question include, did I use the necessary metacommunication skills to improve the group’s communication? Metacommunication involves nonverbal cues such as gestures and facial expressions. As the group initiator, I was able to tell by facial expressions and different other reactions if the members were satisfied with the decision made. This improves group communication.


All the work has to be 100 percent original.

Any guides/existing papers you find on internet will definitely not be accepted

Any kind of plagiarism will definitely not be accepted.

Please read all requirement very very carefully and make sure it follows the instruction very well.

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