advantages and disadvantages of hiring insiders 1

Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Insiders

Did You Know? Four in ten positions are filled with insiders. In a survey of large, well-known businesses, respondents said over one-fourth of positions are filled with people who already work for the company and accept a promotion or transfer. As companies have begun to grow again, the greater demand for talent requires more external recruiting.

  • Discuss how filling positions internally might impact the organization.
  • Explain the benefits of filling a position with an internal source. Explain the limitations.

Can you make response each posted below # 1 to 3?

1. From: Traci Delp posted Jul 27, 2018 2:08 PM

When HR needs fill certain positions, within their organization, they can do it through internal or external resources. The company can cross train or promote employees from within the company. The other choice would to recruit from outside the organization. There are pros and cons to both approaches.

If an organization decides to hire internally it could impact the organization in the in some of the following ways. One advantage would be that the company is already vested in the employee. The cost of redirecting the employees task would be far less than hiring from an external source. The existing employee already knows the expectations of the company, as well as, the organization already knowing the behavior of the employee. The process of promoting within is one of the fastest ways to fill open positions.

Some cons to this include a lack of a new prospective brought to the table, it may cause internal disputes, and they may have to hire new employees to replace the promoted ones, to name a few. Making sure that all the laws that require certain ratios are being applied when filling positions creates its own issues. Diversity is very important in the role of an organization and hiring within may limit that. The internal disputes may involve employees feeling overlooked and unappreciated. Promoting within may create a position opening that would require an external source at some point to fill it.

Many organizations face these dilemmas every day. I would assume that HR uses both methods on a regular basis. Both work and are good resources to have. Using both methods to fill positions, existing staffers recognize it’s an even playing field, while also understanding they need to “wow” you with something other than their same old routine (McQuerrey, 2018).

2. From: Emily Miller posted Jul 27, 2018 11:02 AM

Filling positions from the inside can have many benefits. For one, it allows moral to remain elevated as it shows that people from every level and department have the opportunity to advance in the company, adding extra encouragement to employees to do a good job and keep a good attitude to remain in good standing with their superiors. It also allows those who do an exceptional job the opportunity to advance, possible make more money, obtain more responsibility and assist in the company’s success at a different level. While it does leave an opening in the workforce at their current position, which offers a chance to hire new people with different talents and strengths than that of the person being moved to a different role. On the other hand, if a company only fills positions from the inside, then no new talent is brought in. No new idea, no expanded expertise, and no growth for the company’s future.

3. From: Lekeshiar Moorman posted Jul 27, 2018 9:05 AM

Filling positions internally might impact the organization because of jealously. Some employees may feel their job working has gone in vein. They also may feel like they are not appreciated. The employees feel they are overlooked. Filling positions internally might impact the organization because it can leave opening at the employee old positions. Filling internally when they get the positions they have to learn the new skills that an outsider may already know. But then filling internally do have good points. For example, it saves time and money and you already know the employee. You don’t have to do background checking nor do you have to explain rules and regulations because they already know the job policies. Internal positions can only be successful if all employees have equal access to the information available for the position and all are given the same opportunity to apply.

Filling a position with an internal source is performance. The employee has a track record that shows their skills and experience. This can also enhance the employee knowledge of the company and to get to know more employees. Filling positions within the company shows that the employees are important to the company. They know the people and how the people work. It gives the employees the opportunity to advance their careers.

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