September 2023 Question 1 Communication is the process of transferring information and meaning listening actively a writing messages

2024 BUS475 Week-3 Final Exam (Score 82%) Assignment Help

Question 1 Communication is the process of transferring information and meaning listening actively a writing messages 2023

Question-1 Communication is the process of transferring information and meaning. listening actively.a writing messages. talking constantly. Question-2: Business communication is often more demanding than social communication because communication on the job is affected by politics. the growing reliance on teamwork in business. personalities. desire to always advance and move up in an organization. Question-3 What are the benefits of using IM in business communication? Less personal Low cost Ability to exclude those unable to use IM To maintain a quiet work environment Question-4: What are the three major steps in the writing process? Plan, Write, and Complete Plan, Construct, and Complete Prepare, Write, and Complete Prepare, Construct, and Stop Question-5: What way can you build credibility with an audience when planning a persuasive message? Use simple language. Use difficult language. Use descriptive language. Use hostile language. Question-6: What type of data visual would you use to illustrate trends over time? Gantt chart Bar graph Line chart Scatter diagrams Question-7: How do you keep the audience’s attention? Use confusing language Relate your subject to your audience’s needs Talk about yourself Offer a reward Question-8: What does quality of hire mean? A measure of how a new employee is hired How good an employee is at getting hired On a 1–10 scale, the hire is a 10 A measure of how closely new employees meet the company’s needs Question-9 What is a subjective statement? A statement involving a subject A statement made true by someone thinking it is true A statement that pertains to a chapter in a book A statement that is fact Question-10: An argument consists of two parts: the fact and the rebuttal the subject and the outcome the premise and the conclusion the point and the conclusion Question-11: What are some rhetorical devices used in persuasive messages? Syllogisms Stereotypes Memories Biases Question-12: __________ are part of the elements of creativity? Domain skills Thinking skills Listening skills Athletic skills Question-13: Our most reliable source of information about the world is our own observations. cable news. the Internet. Facebook. Question-14: The reliability of our observations is not better than the reliability of our ____________. senses family memories friends Question-15: The following is an example of a moral value judgment: As an actress, Paris Hilton has a nice clothes rack. Keith Lewis must be a total flake. The senator dresses well. I don’t deserve to be flunked for an honest mistake. Question-16: Utilitarianism is an act that will produce more happiness than will alternatives, it is the right thing to do, and if it will produce less happiness, it would be wrong to do. an act that will produce less happiness than will alternatives, it is the right thing to do, and if it will produce more happiness, it would be wrong to do. an act that will produce more happiness than will alternatives, it is the wrong thing to do, and if it will produce less happiness, it would be right to do. an act that will produce less happiness than will alternatives, it is the wrong thing to do, and if it will produce less happiness, it would be right to do. Question-17: One of the principal roles of the Judiciary is to provide the other branches of government with legal counsel. to issue common law writs. to issue injunctions and related orders. to resolve disputes. Question-18: Business ethics may be defined as taking an expedient approach to any business situation doing what is most advantageous for the business a consciousness of what is right or wrong in the workplace minimizing decisions having potentially adverse consequences for business stakeholders Question- 19: “Fair use” is a defense to copyright infringement that requires findings by a court. is non-statutory. is absolute. is available in all countries. Question-20: A valid contract must be entirely in writing be signed by all parties use the title “Contract” at the top of the document exist where all necessary legal elements for contract formation are present Question-21: Remedies for a contract breach may include imprisonment and fines. consequential damages. no consideration of cost to the breaching party or parties. punitive damages. Question-22: Administrative law primarily stems from the Executive Branch. the Legislative Branch. common law decisions of courts. the Judicial Branch. Question-23: The Administrative Procedures Act applies to the Judiciary Branch. provides for uniform procedural structures in regulatory agencies. provides due process standards for the Judiciary Branch. establishes regular order in congressional committees. Question-24: A socially responsible company is only concerned with shareholder value. primarily seeks to enhance executive compensation. constantly strives to reduce labor and material costs wherever possible. is concerned with its economic and social value and environmental impact. Question-25: Business environment pressures can come from which of the following? Quality control Cost reduction Political changes Management restructuring Question-26: Which of the following is an ethical issue? Sales tax formulas Business Process Reengineering Software coding Accuracy Question Source Question-27: In a relational database, the customer record contains information regarding the customer’s last name. The last name is a(n): primary key relation attribute entity Question-28: A standardized language used to manipulate data is a data manipulation language. Oracle. Microsoft Access. a structured query language. Question-29: Which of the following is a wireless technology? 4 G applications Communication between a modem and a router Typical cable modem to router communication link Fiber-optic connections Question-30: A(n) _____________________ allows unauthorized entry into a wireless network. lack of encryption disgruntled employee cloud server rogue access point Question-31: Critical to the systems development life cycle is the identification ofthe time of year it is developed. seeing what competitors provide. the identification ofthe price charged to other customers. knowing the customer’s goals and objectives. Question-32: One of the advantages of a server farm is that servers can be stacked on top of one another, so less space is needed. servers last longer in a server farm. if one server fails, an application can be automatically moved to another one. more people are required to maintain servers in a server farm. Question-33: In the managerial function of __________, managers encourage and motivate workers to work toward organizational goals. leading organizing planning controlling Question-34: Personality within an individual typically evolves ________. relatively quickly when an individual changes jobs over approximately 25 years at no point during a lifetime Question-35: Laura has dreamed of playing in a symphony. She practices her instrument every day and yet, year after year, she cannot successfully play the difficult musical piece necessary to try out. This is an example of vicarious learning being of upmost importance. motivation being the main factor in performance. extrinsic motivation outweighing intrinsic motivation. motivation not equaling performance. Question-36: Research on the five-stage model of group development shows that all groups pass through the norming stage. groups always pass through the stages in order. not all groups go through each of the stages. all groups pass through the adjourning stage. Question-37: Brenda Butler, editor of the Republican , is trying to decide whether to take a job at a much larger newspaper or to become the CEO and publisher of the Republican . Brenda has to make this decision because of ________. a threat an opportunity a problem bounded rationality Question-38: Transactional leaders motivate followers by exchanging rewards for good performance. inducing followers to support their vision. overlooking mistakes or substandard performance. inspiring them with charismatic behavior Question-39: During an organizational confrontation meeting, __________ meet to confront the issue of whether the organization is effectively meeting its goals. employees from all organizational levels all of the managers of the organization external and internal change agents members of the top management team Question-40: The __________ as the number of levels in the organizational hierarchy increases. span of control narrows span of control expands scope of influence narrows scope of influence expands Question-41: Suppose that at the current price consumers would like to purchase 10 million large-screen televisions and 15 million are available. When the market coordinates the demand and supply for large-screen televisions, the price of large-screen televisions will _______________. rise fall stay the same be fixed by government Question-42: The reason economists and accountants have problems using cost analysis in the real world is that economists do not believe in the existence of explicit costs. although implicit costs do not show up in accounting profits, they nevertheless affect managerial decisions. although explicit costs do not show up in accounting profits, they nevertheless affect managerial decisions. explicit costs cannot be measured. Question-43: Refer to the graph shown. With efficient production, this firm can maximize production at what point? A B C D Question-44: is a vast auction site that is similar to a competitive market in some ways but differs from it in others. Which of the following describes how eBay resembles a competitive market? It is easy to enter and easy to leave eBay. Sellers sometimes do not describe the products accurately on eBay. There is a great variety of different products sold on eBay. On eBay the large sellers dominate the market. Question-45: From the point of view of consumer surplus and producer surplus, what problem was created when Thailand subsidized the cost of energy to consumers to help alleviate the burden of higher energy costs? It hurt the poor and benefitted the rich. It led to less fuel being used than the amount that maximizes consumer surplus. It encouraged the consumption of too much fuel at the expense of other goods. It has no effect; consumers gained consumer surplus, but taxpayers lost the same amount because they had to finance the subsidy. Question-46: A nation’s comparative advantage in the production of an item is determined by which country has already specialized in the production of the item. the total and marginal costs of producing the item. the opportunity cost of producing the item relative to a trading partner’s opportunity cost. wage rates and other input costs. Question-47: Which of the following groups would be most likely to benefit from a tariff on Japanese-manufactured light trucks (i.e., pickup trucks)? U.S. domestic pickup truck manufacturers Japanese auto workers U.S. consumers of pickup trucks U.S. firms that export products to Japan Question-48: Why do some stores offer senior citizen discounts on Tuesdays? Most stores are perfect competitors in their geographic region. Senior citizens have perfectly inelastic demand curves, whereas other shoppers do not. Senior citizens have more elastic demand schedules than do other shoppers. Senior citizens have less elastic demand schedules than do other shoppers. Question-49: Aggregate demand management policies are designed most directly to minimize unemployment minimize inflation control the aggregate level of spending in the economy prevent budget deficits or surpluses Question-50: According to Keynes, why might deflation create problems for an economy? Consumers might expect prices to fall further and cut back consumption now. In expectation of increased spending, too many entrepreneurs would begin businesses and most would fail. The cost of repricing goods would increase costs, and therefore reduce profits, for businesses and they would cut production. People would invest less into the economy.

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