September 2023 Question Exam 1 Question 1 Question Which of the following ratios has fallen as a

2024 Saint GBA 327 Exam 1 Module 3 Latest 2015 (ALL CORRECT) Assignment Help

Question Exam 1 Question 1 Question Which of the following ratios has fallen as a 2023

Question Exam 1 Question 1. Question : Which of the following ratios has fallen as a result of Moore’s Law? Price/performance Demand/supply Profit/loss Debt/equity Question 2. Question : You have a spreadsheet that provides the airfares to different cities from Chicago. If the contents of the spreadsheet are used to make a decision, it will be considered: knowledge. data. information. intuition. Question 3. Question : Which of the following is categorized as a non-routine cognitive skill? Computer programming Marketing knowledge Tax accounting Systems thinking Question 4. Question : Which of the following statements is true of data characteristics in the context of information systems? Data generated should be in excess of what is required. An appropriate relationship should exist between the cost of data and its value. Data should be relevant to the context, not necessarily to the subject. Freely available data is always accurate and timely. Question 5. Question : Melissa wants to create a password. Which of the following is the strongest password that she could use? [email protected] [email protected] NewYork NOOCSmyPw$42 Question 6. Question : Meredith constantly analyzes her work in terms of her individual contribution that she makes to the overall output of the organization. This shows her ________ skills. collaboration experimentation systems thinking problem-solving Question 7. Question : ________ states that the number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months. Nielsen’s Law Faraday’s Law Moore’s Law Newton’s Law Question 8. Question : Graham & Hilda Corp. is a firm that offers enterprise software solutions to independent retailers. The firm recently entered into a contract with a major national retail chain to develop and implement proprietary software that tracks inventory, restocking, and supplier information. Which of the following actions will be most difficult to perform when implementing the new information system? Upgrading the computer systems used by the retail chain Writing the programs to create the software Changing the structure of existing databases that reflect supplier and customer data Training the employees to use and manage the new system Question 9. Question : An automobile company decides to improve the quality of all its products and bring more variety into its product line. The company has decided to adopt: focused cost leadership. industry-wide differentiation. industry-wide cost leadership. focused differentiation. Question 10. Question : According to Porter’s five forces model, in which of the following situations would a supplier have the highest bargaining power? A Houston-based vendor is the only supplier of a patented material for many smartphone manufacturers A fashion brand’s outlet catering to a niche market A restaurant that serves only army veterans A large retailer buying finished goods from many small suppliers Question 11. Question : FunText is a company that owns an app used for text messaging. It recently offered a membership extension of six months without any additional charges to its existing customers who had registered for a three-year membership. By doing this, which competitive strategy did FunText implement? Creation of a new service Product differentiation Locking in customers Locking in suppliers Question 12. Question : Which of the following statements is consistent with the central idea of business process design? Technology should be used to supplement the existing value chain. Business processes should not focus on the core competencies of organizations. Organizations should create new business processes rather than improve existing systems. Technology should be used to modify and improve standard business processes. Question 13. Question : Bargaining power of customers is likely to be the highest for markets involving: limited edition apparel. industrial products. patented drugs. vintage cars. Question 14. Question : Locking in customers by making it difficult or expensive for customers to move to another product is called establishing high: entry barriers. switching costs. product standards. value differentiation. Question 15. Question : A(n) ________ is a network of activities that generate value by transforming inputs into outputs. business process competitive strategy linkage information system Question 16. Question : Focused cost leadership is observed when a product has the lowest cost: within an industry segment. across the product range offered by a company. within an industry. within the supply chain of a company. Question 17. Question : Which of the following statements is true of closed-source projects? Only users and developers are allowed to alter the source code in closed-source projects. Anyone can obtain the source code for a closed-source project. Only trusted programmers are allowed to make changes to a closed-source project. Programmers can alter the closed-source code based on their interests and goals. Question 18. Question : Which of the following refers to server virtualization? A personal computer, such as a desktop or portable computer, that hosts several different operating systems A server computer that hosts one, or more, other server computers A storage area that loses its contents when the power is off A server that hosts many versions of desktop operating systems Question 19. Question : Thin-client applications are developed using: HTML5. Java. Objective-C. C#. Question 20. Question : ________ refers to data delivered to the user at the precise moment it is needed. Asynchronous data Just-in-time data Source code Payload Question 21. Question : The CPU stores results of computations in the: joystick. main memory. printer. barcode scanner. Question 22. Question : 10 TB is equivalent to ________ gigabytes. 10,240 1,000 1,024 102.4 Question 23. Question : Android applications are developed using: Objective-C. C#. Java. VB.Net. Question 24. Question : Which of the following is an example of storage hardware in computers? Plotter Magnetic disk Projector Inkjet printer Question 25. Question : Each entity in a database has a unique attribute called a(n) ________. public key identifier foreign key index field Question 26. Question : __________ is the first step in transforming a data model into a relational database design. Representing the data relationships Normalizing the data and files Creating foreign keys Creating a table for each entity Question 27. Question : In a database, when data items disagree with one another, it leads to a(n): data integrity problem. crow’s-foot paradigm. adaptation conflict. lost-update problem. Question 28. Question : Identify the type of task that a database administrator is performing when validating the data model to be used in a database management system. Development Adaptation Backup and recovery Operation Question 29. Question : Which of the following database administration tasks is related to adaptation? Monitoring backup procedures Conducting training for users Monitoring database performance Managing configuration changes in systems Question 30. Question : An administrator should create a ________ before developing a database design. data aggregator query model data model data application Question 31. Question : Brad, a project manager, wants to build a database to integrate information about employees and tasks that they handle. Brad wants to track information such as task name, percentage completed, and employee name. These aspects that Brad wants to track are called: identifiers. records. primary keys. entities. Question 32. Question : Which of the following is an example of a database management system? MS Excel BigData NoSQL Access Question 33. Question : Communications speeds are expressed in: bits. bytes. hertz. packets. Question 34. Question : Which of the following is a characteristic of in-house hosting? Speedy development Superior adaptability to fluctuating demand Control of data location Possibly the best disaster preparedness Question 35. Question : ________ signals do not interfere with TV signals, even though they use the same lines. DSL Dial-up Cable ADSL Question 36. Question : Which of the following statements is true about IEEE 802.3? It is the protocol for wireless LAN connections. It is the protocol for Bluetooth. It is the protocol for wired LAN connections. It is the universal standard protocol for all WAN connections. Question 37. Question : Which of the following is an example of IaaS? Apple iCloud Microsoft Azure Office 365 Amazon S3 Question 38. Question : To enable a seamless flow of data across the networks that comprise an internet, an elaborate scheme called a ________ is used. layered protocol virtual private network three-tier system remote access system Question 39. Question : A(n) ________ is a number that identifies a particular device. domain IP address hyperlink href Question 40. Question : Rackspace is an example of: SaaS. PaaS. IaaS. VPN. Question 41. Question : A private internet that is used exclusively within an organization is called a(n) Ethernet. intranet. cloud. server. Question 42. Question : Which phase of the customer life cycle focuses on increasing the value of existing customers by selling them more product? Marketing Customer acquisition Relationship management Loss/churn Question 43. Question : ________ is the activity of altering existing and designing new business processes to take advantage of new information systems. Business process modeling Business process reengineering Business process outsourcing Enterprise resource planning Question 44. Question : ________ is a measure of the ratio of process outputs to inputs. Process effectiveness Process efficiency Process conformance Process reliability Question 45. Question : When an organization has inconsistent duplicated data, it is said to have a problem of: information silo. data integrity. error of omission. data segregation. Question 46. Question : Which of the following workgroup processes is related to manufacturing? Order entry and tracking Finished goods inventory management Product and brand management Planning and scheduling Question 47. Question : Which of the following information systems minimizes data duplication among departments? Departmental information systems Workgroup information systems Personal information systems Enterprise information systems Question 48. Question : The two dimensions of process quality are: efficiency and effectiveness. performance and reliability. conformance and durability. perception and serviceability. Question 49. Question : Which of the following workgroup processes is related to customer service? Assessment Account tracking Sales forecasting Accounts payable Question 50. Question : Which of the following workgroup processes is related to operations? Account updating and tracking Sales forecasting Finished goods inventory management Treasury and account management

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