September 2023 The intent of this paper is to look at how markets work Congratulations

2024 The intent of this paper is to look at how markets work. Congratulations, you have just won the lottery and received $150,000. Assignment Help

The intent of this paper is to look at how markets work Congratulations 2023

The intent of this paper is to look at how markets work. Congratulations, you have just won the lottery and received $150,000. You are to spend all or as close to $150,000 on 5 different stocks or mutual funds (no bonds, commodities, cash or certificate of deposits) and broker’s fees (1/2% of 1% of the value of the transaction). You may have a small cash account due to the event that your stock purchases and broker’s fees do not equal $150,000. You will not earn interest on this cash account. This account must be less than the lowest price of one share of stock and broker’s fees. Y ou hold your stocks you can shift your holdings among the 5 stocks and mutual funds or purchase different stocks or mutual funds. You must maintain a portfolio with 5 different stocks or mutual funds at ALL times. You will sell your stocks or mutual funds. It is your responsibility to keep track of each transaction date, purchase price, sale price, quantity of shares bought, and sold and the broker’s fees. Your paper must include: a. The names of the companies and why you purchased these companies’ stocks or funds b. Tell me any interesting happenings concerning each company you own shares of stock inwithin the 10 weeks you held the stocks. This requires researching your companies. (I do not want stock price information) c. If you trade any stocks during the 10 weeks, tell me why you chose to do so. If you hold onto your stocks the entire 10 weeks, tell me why you chose to do so. d. As an economist, what good do you think each of your companies have a comparative advantage in? Why? e. What would an economist say was the cause of the price of your stock rising, falling or staying the same? Be specific regarding the determinants of supply and/or demand. f. Do you think consumers would be responsive or unresponsive to a change in the price of the product each of your companies produce? Why or why not? If the government placed an excise tax on the good or service, who would bear the burden of the tax? Why? g. Do you think the equilibrium price of the product each of your companies produce is the socially optimum equilibrium price? Why or why not? h. Identify which market structure each company would belong in. Why? i. What do you think about the future of each company? This is an analysis of your companies. One cannot tell the future of a company from the current stock price. You need to research your companies. j. A profit/loss statement (this is a financial statement) in table format !!! You must include all relevant data including: purchase date, number of shares purchased, expenditures on stocks/mutual funds, broker’s fees, sale date, number of shares sold, total revenue, broker’s fees, and profit. I want you to present the data in an easy to follow table. This means I want columns and data NO GRAPHS, PIE CHARTS, BAR GRAPHS, ETC. This paper requires research. You will have to investigate the companies you choose. You must include a bibliography in either MLA or APA format. Your final report must be well written. I want to see complete sentences, paragraphs and I want the report to flow in a manner which allows me to understand what you are attempting to tell me. I expect a professional job. KEEP READING…. You haven’t gotten to the formatting instructions for this assignment yet. Scroll down some more! Your Name Micro Application Paper ECONOMIC PRINCIPLE : Markets at work USE THIS FORMAT FOR PAGE ONE OF YOUR PAPER, GENERAL REMINDERS Reports must be TYPED (11-12 pt font, black ink on white paper), DOUBLE-SPACED and cannot exceed 8 pages in length, including the table. Use the FORMAT PROVIDED . Do include section headings. Your paper must be turned in to . Your chart needs to be attached to the word document and the complete assignment submitted to as one document. When you access the web site for the first time, you must register. Please see the syllabus for the course id and password. You must also bring a hard copy to class. Grammar is important! I will be using the Social and Behavioral Department grading rubric found on blackboard. Please review the rubric. I have seen paper scores gutted because they were not proof read; please do not let this happen to you. PAPERS LEFT ON MY DESK, LEFT IN MY MAILBOX OR OTHERWISE “DROPPED OFF” WILL BE CONSIDERED “ABANDONED” AND DISCARDED. I DO NOT ACCEPT PAPERS VIA E-MAIL; THEY MUST BE SUBMITTED TO TURNITIN.COM and a hard copy brought to class. “Work-in-progress” will not be graded . Your paper is not ready to submit until it is TYPED (11-12 pt font, black ink on white paper)/DOUBLE-SPACED with 1″ MARGINS on all 4 sides, and all components of the paper completed. PROOFREAD! Good luck, I hope you make a bundle!

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