September 2023 This scenario is based on a real life scenario Scene South Florida in

2024 See below, there is a scenario and questions to follow 2 page paper Assignment Help

This scenario is based on a real life scenario Scene South Florida in 2023

This scenario is based on a real life scenario. Scene: South Florida, in early October. There has been a hurricane that has changed course and unexpectedly hit the city full force. There is flooding across most of the roads which are mostly impassable. All the electricity is out. All cell phones are either completely out or no one has any electricity to re-charge them. No one can travel because there is no gas available since it takes electricity to pump the gas out of the tanks at the gas stations. The few gas stations that have really expensive generators are possibly 3 stations within a 3 hour range in any direction. Those stations have lines reaching several miles in all directions including up and down entrance and exit ramps on the highway. Many vehicles have run out of gas waiting in line and therefore are blocking all other vehicles. Thousands of guests are staying at hotels that have a few emergency generators that can only run just the most crucial services. Supplies at the hotels are running out because no one can either get to the backup warehouses or trucks from suppliers cannot get to South Florida. Also there is debris on the road and everyone is getting flat tires. Hotels throughout the rest of the state and into the state of Georgia are totally booked overnight. People are sleeping at rest stops etc. Grocery stores and convenience store shelves are empty due to the extraordinary demand. Food supply is meager and will become critical quickly. Due to the heat, people can become dehydrated due to a lack of electrolytes even if they have water. The airports are not operating…except for emergency personnel and supplies. Even though people might be able to fly in with their own planes, they cannot get to their final destination in many cases as there is no public transportation. The taxis cannot get gas and their tires keep puncturing so they are unable to transport them. Little by little however, the area returns to normal. After a month and a half south Florida and its environs resume their normal life as daily living returns to normal. So you decide as recently arrived Security Director to have a meeting with your staff to discuss what everyone learned from this recent emergency experience. You and your staff have come up with this list of suggested needs to address going forward to create a successful emergency plan for the hotel. Suggested needs in the case of an emergency: Electrical:  A powerful backup generator that takes care of:  Essential lighting, water pump so guests have water and sanitation, minimal air-conditioning, Unit 8 [AB206: Hotel Management and Operations] essential lighting of stairwells, all appliances (including extra commercial freezers during the hurricane season) as well as essential lighting in the common areas.  Two battery lamps for each guest room along with flashlights (and backup batteries at the front desk)  Paper products and trash bags sufficient to last for several weeks (instead of washing dishes).  Satellite radios for external contacts with emergency personnel –service numbers- hospital, and police. Communications: 1. Battery operated “walkie talkies” for internal staff /daily voice check-in times 2. Battery powered AM/FM radios and battery powered televisions 3. Emergency instructions in each of the room information folders 4. Contact with affiliated hotels in another part of the state during a hurricane alert to coordinate evacuation of guests to the other hotels (with priority for your guests to occupy vacancies immediately) 5. Paper flyers to all guests with current emergency instructions 6. Let guests know on bulletin boards: Availability of toiletries and other items in either the hotel shop, the front desk, or from the concierge 7. Scheduled meetings for guests and staff in the ballroom or other common room at a certain time each day for updates 8. Let guests each have one call to family if needed through the hotel communications backup if needed 9. Guests can sign up in the ballroom 10. Guests can sign up for help with the concierge for flight re-routing through alternate airports 11. Bulletin Boards in the lobby with updates 12. Create an emergency supplier checklist- If we inform you of an emergency- we will need ___ days’ supply of food/iodine drops for water purification/sanitizer and wipes/electrolyte drinks (such as Gatorade™ and the like) 13. Include provision of gasoline to power their trucks for the return trip 14. At check-in during hurricane season any guest that is a doctor or is medical staff can identify themselves only in case of disaster needs Transportation Considerations:  Tire Inflator canisters  Back- up Generator for pumping the hotel’s own gas  Bicycles for guests to use  Extra vehicles (including vans with backup fuel) that already have fuel at all times as backup during the season  Rooms where cots can be stored, and for certain critical staff to stay overnight and extra backup uniforms and supplies can be stored.  Backup medical supplies for a doctor or nurse to use in a medical emergency Disclaimer: The organization and characters depicted in this exercise are fictional. Any resemblance to real organizations or individuals is purely coincidental. Checklist:  Create a process that you will use to train all the different department employees. Designate in order, what department and in what order by department you will train the employees. Designate by department which aspects of the plan are their responsibilities .  Create an emergency plan that addresses the items below using the Training process detailed in Chapter 12.  Include the external authorities that should be contacted in the appropriate section of your emergency plan. Address the Checklist items above in either a 2 page APA formatted paper

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