September 2023 Chapter 6 Multiple Choice Question 19 What measures the central tendency of a set of


Chapter 6 Multiple Choice Question 19 What measures the central tendency of a set of 2023

Chapter 6 Multiple Choice Question 19 What measures the central tendency of a set of data? Coefficient of variation Variance Standard deviation Mean Range Multiple Choice Question 39 Consider a p-chart measuring the percentage of defective light bulbs. If the LCL is .04 and a sample has 1% defects, what is the implication? The process is in a state of control. The process is out of control even though the variation is “good.” The value of sigma must be increased. The process has too many errors. A calculation error must have occurred Multiple Choice Question 16 An OC curve is an example of what? Traditional statistical tools Fishbone diagramming Acceptance sampling Experimental design Statistical process control Multiple Choice Question 25 On a control chart, what separates common from assignable causes of variation? x-bar lines Control limits Specification limits Production limits Mean divided by standard deviation Multiple Choice Question 41 What are preset ranges of acceptable quality characteristics? Control limits Product specifications Six-sigma limits AQC limits R-chart limits Chapter 7 Multiple Choice Question 26 According to JIT, __________ is carried to cover up a wide variety of problems, such as poor quality, demand uncertainty, and slow delivery. Inventory Excess capacity A group of back-up workers Spare equipment Insurance Multiple Choice Question 65 Which of the following is not a role of JIT management? creating a JIT culture cost and information sharing serving as coaches and facilitators developing an incentive system ensuring multifunctional training occurs Multiple Choice Question 36 JIT uses a pull system where communication starts with either the customer or with the _________ work station in the production line. First Bottleneck Dominant Most expensive Last Multiple Choice Question 61 JIT production workers are expected to Cover up quality problems Ignore data Take responsibility in getting to the root cause of quality problems Blame problems on someone else Have a poor attitude about quality Multiple Choice Question 70 The benefits of long-term relationships with a small number of suppliers include all of the following except Always getting the lowest price Focus on improving process controls Greater accountability Develop stable delivery schedules Eliminate paperwork Chapter 8 Multiple Choice Question 1 Forecasting is not a function which contributes to: deciding which business market to pursue deciding which product to produce deciding how bonuses should be allocated deciding how much inventory to carry deciding how many people to hire Multiple Choice Question 10 Which forecasting method is particularly good for predicting technological changes and scientific advances? Market research Executive opinion Delphi method Naïve method Gamma method Multiple Choice Question 30 What are the most frequently used forecasting techniques? Linear regression Simple mean Exponential smoothing Weighted moving average Econometric models Multiple Choice Question 17 Which of the following is a causal forecasting method? Naïve Moving average Weighted moving average Trend adjusted exponential smoothing Linear regression Multiple Choice Question 74 “Inside information” is most likely garnered through which of the following forecasting methods? exponential smoothing seasonal indexes naïve Delphi multiple regression Chapter 9 Multiple Choice Question 56 The least likely reason for a U.S. firm to choose to locate a factory in a foreign country is _____________. climate Natural resources markets cheaper suppliers low labor costs Multiple Choice Question 55 Issues that need to be considered in location globally include all of the following except ______________. different cultures FEC accounting requirements language barriers different laws different business practices Multiple Choice Question 6 Capacity planning is complicated by the fact that ___________________. capital markets are complex existing facilities may become obsolete capacity is difficult to define capacity is usually purchased in chunks, rather than smooth increments depreciation must be calculated Multiple Choice Question 44 Service organizations such as restaurants, movie theaters, and banks focus on locating near ____________. suppliers roads intersections their customers potential workers Multiple Choice Question 25 Management has decided to add capacity incrementally in smaller chunks as needed, rather than purchasing one large facility. This decision ____________________. is very risky will result in low initial costs will ultimately result in lower costs per unit if demand increases rapidly positions the company to be well prepared for high demand in the future can lead to a large amount of excess capacity Chapter 10 Multiple Choice Question 34 The first step in designing a layout is identifying the facility gathering information selecting the correct layout software package developing a REL chart developing a from-to matrix Multiple Choice Question 65 What is the term for a system in which the product being worked on is physically attached to the line and automatically moved to the next station when the cycle time has elapsed? cyclical line paced line autoline continuous line constrained line Multiple Choice Question 4 Which of the following is not one of the four basic layout types? product hybrid process fixed position inverted Multiple Choice Question 27 Which company is widely considered to be the leader of just-in-time production? Ford Timex Gateway Toyota Sony Multiple Choice Question 24 A high-volume paper mill is an example of which layout type? inverted circular process fixed position product

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