September 2023 Please read the two 2 below discussions and write a response Must be a minimum of 8 lines per

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Please read the two 2 below discussions and write a response Must be a minimum of 8 lines per 2023

Please read the two (2) below discussions and write a response. Must be a minimum of 8 lines per discussion. Please include a reference in your response using APA format and cite the reference in the text. 1-The most significant business problem JetBlue faced as an organization was not the countless delays and cancellations of its flights, but the resulting loss of image and reputation as a result. Corporate image is “the organization as seen from the viewpoint of its constituencies” (Argenti, 2013). With passengers trapped inside a plane for nine hours, unexpected cancellations, and police being called to handle unruly costumers, it is clear that JetBlue’s reputation was in jeopardy. A lack of communication to constituents among other factors played an important role in the whole situation. JetBlue failed to maintain communication with the control tower when waiting for takeoff and having passengers sit in a jet for an excessive amount of time. The passengers weren’t the only ones left in the dark when the crisis came into full swing. Employees of JetBlue were left wondering what to do or how to help while also dealing with disgruntled costumers. “We had an emergency control center full of people who didn’t know what to do” (Argenti, 2013, p. 105). The organization had a breakdown of communication externally and internally all at the same time with no strategy in place to combat it leading to the downward spiral they faced in the days following Valentine’s Day. The most desirable outcome from this dilemma would be the regaining of the public trust. When in the face of a crisis, it is important to admit the situation truthfully and try to address the problem even if it involves changes in corporate behavior (Greyser, 2009). JetBlue attempted to do this by not just shifting the blame to the weather and inaccurate info from the forecasters. CEO of JetBlue David Neeleman realized this when he suggested the JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights against the advice of multiple teams. Better communication throughout the organization is also a desirable outcome. This result would go hand in hand with a better organizational crisis strategy for future unforeseen situations like this to prevent communication breakdown. JetBlue did manage to use a few communication practices that helped out such as being very public about taking responsibility and admitting their faults (Public Relations Strategist, 2007). The case study mentions how most other companies would have just tried to deflect and use the weather as a scapegoat but not JetBlue. In fact, they even gave a face to the problem by having the CEO take responsibility personally. This tactic did well in adding transparency to the organization but could have been a chance to also communicate to investors and unsettled stakeholders. Shining a brighter light regarding the media on possibly reinforcing infrastructure or starting programs and initiatives to strengthen the companies identity could have gone a long way to soothing unnerved investors. David Neeleman did well in also conducting interviews and taking the criticism from the public (Salter, 2007,05). When faced with the pressures of possible legislative action, he decided to go above and beyond by implementing his own company bill of rights. The JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights showed just how dedicated he was to correcting his mistakes and showing the public that the company values its costumers more than their profit margins each year. 2- While reading, “JetBlue Airways: Regaining Altitude,” I was reminded by one specific event that impacted America, the attack on Pearl Harbor. Many decisions were put off thinking everything would be okay. However, in both situations, it turned out to be completely opposite. Situations could have been different if the naval base and JetBlue had a back-up plan for crisis. Carol Stewart discusses how JetBlue failed to have an immediate plan for crisis in the article, “Lessons Learned: How JetBlue Airways Used Apologia and New Media to Survive a Crisis- A Case Study.” The next issue that arose with the lack of a back-up plan for crisis was leaving passengers on the planes for extend amounts of time with hope of the weather changing. When worse comes to worse be safe instead of sorry. Customers are always the first priority in any company. The customers help make the face of the company. With social media and media, reviews fly all over the place within a matter of seconds. This can become extremely problematic. Therefore, the flights should have been cancelled with no issue. This was an act of putting profit before the people. The final issue, David Neelman never seemed to come out and directly say, “I am sorry.” This could have been done on the media. As a customer, if someone has the confidence to completely come out, apologize, and admit to their mistakes then I am more likely to forgive and continue being a customer. This action could have been done immediately and brief in order to hold customers over for the mean time until a plan of action could have been made. The critical constituency issues that were faced with JetBlue Airways were first, the customers, second, employees, and finally Congress. The customers and employees were both let down by management in this crisis. Many customers were lost due to this issue and could not receive any help, but an answering machine according to, “Corporate Communications.” Employees were let go due to the cost of the crisis. Finally, Congress became a constituency issue due to many operational failures during the crisis. The main issue was holding the customers against their will. The three main desirable outcomes that was looked for by JetBlue was the trust of the customers, rebuild their reputation, and become a profitable company again. According to Paul Argenti, David Neelman answered every customer letter or email, changed the Customer Bill of Rights, and made the statement, “I can flap my lips all I want, talk is cheap. Watch us.” These are brave moves for CEO Neelman to make. He made them, risking the company. These communication practices include marketing communications, government relations, and social responsibility. In, “How Coporate Social Responsibility is Defined: An Analysis of 37 definitions,” Alexander Dahlsrud states that it is not social responsibility does not have a definition but is how the company is socially constructed. Neelman made an example of how a company is socially constructed with making the society his main priority after the crisis.

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