September 2023 Evaluating organizational effectiveness B There are several methods of evaluating organizational effectiveness and for this project we will be

2024 Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness Assignment Help

Evaluating organizational effectiveness B There are several methods of evaluating organizational effectiveness and for this project we will be 2023

Evaluating organizational effectiveness (B) There are several methods of evaluating organizational effectiveness, and for this project we will be using a goal focused method. This template uses 12 universal effectiveness criteria as identified by Wesley A. Martz ( Martz, Wesley A., “Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness” (2008). Dissertations. 793. ). You may adapt these criteria for your own organization. The effectiveness criteria you use should be clear, concise, measurable, and tied to organizational performance. The suggested measures offer some ideas as to how that criteria can be measured. Organizations should define what makes the criteria poor or excellent so that the measures are evaluated as consistently as possible. As you fill out this checklist for your organization, see if you can get help from executives in your organization. Evaluate a minimum of three organizational effectiveness criteria for your organization, providing your description of how that criteria is being measured, your score, and a one to two sentence explanation of your score. Department Effectiveness (C ) Organizations have different departments that support their business functions. Often business functions may be combined within a single department that represents several functions, such as Sales & Marketing, or Distribution & Logistics, or Finance & Accounting. Select two departments from your organization and perform your assessment of their effectiveness. You should explain your evaluation with one or two sentences that describe how the department is effective or ineffective in meeting business goals or where potential weaknesses have been uncovered. Instructions for Appendix D: Technology Inventory Provide an inventory of the technology and tools currently used in your organization. Identify what business function they provide. In some instances, you may find that one tool provides capability to several business functions, such as enterprise systems for financial bookkeeping, timekeeping, and inventory. In other instances, you may find that a single business function is managed by using multiple pieces of technology, including software programs, databases, networks, and hand-held tools. For example, inventory systems may depend on hand-held scanners, supplier databases, transportation networks, and in-house inventory optimization programs. Provide detail for those business processes that you feel are most critical to your organization’s performance. E: Information Technology Assessment INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT Business Information System Specific Functions Performed Gap in capability to meet needs Inefficiencies or Redundancies Customer Complaints Potential Vulnerabilities (now and future) IT effectiveness score – 1  (least) to 5 (most) Explanation/ Comment/ Issues Inventory System Financial System Compensation System Sales and Marketing System example: Online ordering; Facebook; email marketing; customer  database example: For last two years, we’ve missed our sales target. example: New customers must be added manually to customer database example: Customers not able to access online ordering during peak hrs example: Access problem will become worse if we make more products  available online example: 2 Office Administration System Production System Research and Technology System Quality and Auditing System Training System Employee Training System Knowledge Management System example: 3 Employee Communication System Local Area Network Wide Area Network Internet Connectivity Documentation System This Information Technology assessment template is significant to the technology audit as it is the foundation of your IT needs assessment. As you think about the business functions in your organization identified in Appendix D, you will now evaluate how well the existing IT infrastructure supports each business function. The business functions listed in the template are fairly standard and should capture most of the functions that IT services in your organization. Again, provide your score along with an explanation of how IT could be used more effectively in support of that business function. After filling out the template, you will write a detailed description (one to two paragraphs) that address where existing technologies are not meeting the business needs, where customer support is not being met, where there are ineffiencies or redundancies, and where potential vulnerabilities exist. F: Risk Assessment Use the information that you gathered in Appendix E and identify where you have found BUSINESS RISKS while reviewing the business functions and their IT capabilities. Identify at least 10 business risks and then assess them in terms of how likely they are to occur. Using the risk definitions in Appendix G, first assign a LIKELIHOOD score to the risk. Second, assess how great the impact or consequence would be if the risk occurred and assign a CONSEQUENCE score to the risk. Then use these two numbers to identify the RISK RATING using the risk matrix in Appendix G. Enter the risk rating into the table along with any notes on mitigation strategies that are in place that will help to decrease the likelihood or consequence of the risk. Feel free to record any notes that will help you communicate your evaluations. RISK  DEFINITIONS RISK MATRIX Consequence of Occurence Likelihood of Occurrence Rating 1 2 3 4 5 Risk Rating Near Certain (90%) 5 Likelihood of Occurance 5 LOW MEDIUM HIGH HIGH HIGH Likely (70%) 4 4 LOW MEDIUM MEDIUM HIGH HIGH HIGH Moderate (50%) 3 3 LOW LOW MEDIUM HIGH HIGH MEDIUM Unlikely (30%) 2 2 LOW LOW LOW MEDIUM MEDIUM LOW Rare (10%) 1 1 LOW LOW LOW MEDIUM MEDIUM Consequence of Occurrence Rating Catastrophic (Project extended or risk of being cancelled) 5 Major (Delays of up to 50% of schedule or increase of up to 50%  of cost) 4 Moderate (reduction to performance has moderate impact on  performance objectives) 3 Minor (reduction in performance can be tolerated with little  impact) 2 Insignificant (minimal to no impact to performance or schedule) 1 Implementation Plan for Emergent Technology 1 What’s the plan? What needs to be done? Who is responsible for managing this piece? What is length of overall task? Implementation Plan for Emergent Technology 2 What’s the plan? What needs to be done? Who is responsible for managing this piece? What is length of overall task? Instructions for Implementation Plan for Emerging Technologies Both implementation plans should capture the major considerations and factors regarding implementation of the new technology in your organization. This is where you present the overall idea of the new technology and at a very high level, you address how, when, how much, and by whom, in regards to the implementation in your organization. You will need to fill out the template for each of the two emerging technologies you chose.

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