September 2023 Question 1 In the United States the regulation of advertising involves a complex mix of laws and

2024 25 MARKETING MCQ (25/25) Assignment Help

Question 1 In the United States the regulation of advertising involves a complex mix of laws and 2023

Question 1 . In the United States, the regulation of advertising involves a complex mix of laws and informal restrictions designed to: A . protect consumers from deceptive practices . B . stimulate domestic demand . C . reduce international competition . D . promote social marketing . E . institutionalize pull strategies . 2 . The Ethical Decision-Making Framework includes all of the following steps EXCEPT: A . identify issues . B . promote the firm’s corporate social responsibility efforts . C . gather information and identify stakeholders . D . brainstorm and evaluate alternatives . E . choose a course of action . 3 . Marketers want their firms to develop efficient operations because this kind of efficiency: A . usually leads to lower prices or greater pricing flexibility . B . allows the firm to offer greater value to customers . C . makes it easier to get the products customers want to them when they want them . D . can lead to more attractive margins . E . All of these 4 . The centerpiece of the Marketing Environment Analysis Framework is: A . green marketing . B . corporate partners . C . culture . D . competitive intelligence . E . consumers . 5 . _____________ advertising has the advantages of being highly targeted and offering opportunities for personalization . A . Television B . Radio C . Direct mail D . Outdoor E . Newspaper 6 . Marketing traditionally has been divided into a set of four interrelated decisions known as the marketing mix, or four Ps, including all of the following EXCEPT: A . product B . place C . performance D . promotion E . price 7 . Most “big box” retailers regularly move products from one aisle to another . They also put personal care products in the pharmacy area, many aisles away from the grocery products . They do this because consumers who spend more time walking through the store are likely to make: A . impulse purchases . B . limited problem solving decisions . C . extended problem solving decisions . D . ritual consumption purchases . E . affective alternative decisions . 8 . One of the reasons marketers use loyalty segmentation is: A . the high cost of finding new customers . B . government tax incentives for loyalty . C . accounting difficulties associated with identifying new customers . D . rapid population increases . E . the failure of micromarketing as a workable strategy . 9 . Matt was passionate about Abercrombie & Fitch . It was the only place he’d buy his clothes . If anyone asked him about clothes, he would talk for what seemed like hours about why he only shopped there . From a strictly marketing perspective, this word of mouth is part of: A . social insistence . B . brand loyalty . C . self-actualization . D . motivation . E . brand extension . 10 . By providing good customer service, firms __________ their products or services . A . eliminate the communication gap for B . add value to C . reduce the zone of tolerance for D . reduce the empowerment cost associated with E . increase the perishability of 11 . When Procter & Gamble added teeth whitening products under the Crest brand, the firm was engaged in: A . corporate branding . B . brand extension . C . brand licensing . D . brand association . E . perceived value branding . 12 . Edward, the leading salesperson for Harry’s Honda dealership, began hearing customers asking for hybrid automobiles several years ago . Edward alerted Harry, and Harry pre-ordered many Honda hybrids before they became available . In this case, the source of need recognition was: A . trade show demonstrations . B . ads in trade journals . C . customers . D . the Internet . E . suppliers . 13 . By the time BMW and Mercedes Benz entered the mini-SUV market, there were many competitors, sales had peaked, and profits were declining . These firms entered the market during the ______________ stage of the product life cycle . A . introduction B . leveling C . maturity D . growth E . decline 14 . Collecting information at the point of sale is a straightforward and inexpensive way to assess service quality, but this approach will NOT be useful if: A . customers cannot assess service quality, as in the case of oil change or maintenance check . B . decision-making managers do not get the results of the feedback . C . the person who rendered poor service is the same person collecting the information . D . customers are rushed and don’t take the time to assess the service . E . All of these . 15 . Ryan gave the manager of his convenience store a set of binoculars so she could see the gasoline prices charged by the other convenience store at that intersection . Ryan told the manager to always match the gasoline prices of the other store . Ryan is using a _____________________ pricing strategy . A . maximizing profits B . target profit C . target return D . status quo E . sales 16 . At the break-even point: A . costs are zero . B . price is maximized . C . profits are zero . D . fixed costs are zero . E . contribution per unit is zero . 17 . For marketers to advertise a price as their ______________, the Better Business Bureau recommends that at least 50 percent of the sales of a product occur at that price . A . fixed price B . zone price C . regular price D . leader price E . cost-based price 18 . In the AIDA model: A . advertising leads to interest, which hopefully leads to desire and then, action . B . awareness leads to integration, which hopefully leads to desire and then, action . C . awareness leads to interest, which hopefully leads to desire and then, action . D . awareness leads to interest, which hopefully leads to desire and then, attention . E . awareness leads to interest, which hopefully leads to determination and then, action . 19 . A manufacturer of high-end products might consider selling products in a warehouse club if: A . there are no high-end shopping centers within a 100-mile radius of the warehouse club . B . the warehouse club has a good reputation . C . the manufacturer is trying to increase market share . D . the manufacturer overestimated demand or has a great deal of returned merchandise from other retailers . E . the warehouse club wants to upgrade its image . 20 . Because of the way _______________ buy merchandise, customers can never be confident that the same merchandise will be in stock each time they visit the store . A . department stores B . off-price retailers C . discount stores D . downstream value stores E . category specialist stores 21 . The basic goal of integrated marketing communications is to: A . communicate the value proposition to the target market . B . create desire . C . manipulate consumers . D . outspend competitors . E . tell the world about your company . 22 . Brenda is working on an automated re-ordering system which will electronically re-order inventory for her shoe store as purchases are made . Brenda is working on a supply chain management system that will: A . provide products at the right time . B . provide products at the right locations . C . provide the right quantities . D . minimize system-wide costs . E . all of these . 23 . The sender of an integrated marketing communication: A . must work with the advertising specialists to ensure all recipients interpret the message accurately . B . can assess the manner in which receivers interpret the message through gross rating points . C . has little control over what meaning any individual receiver will take from the message . D . controls the meaning all receivers take from the message . E . generally uses a rule-of-thumb interpretation index . 24 . When Microsoft introduces a new version of its Windows operating system, it typically uses selected magazine, Internet, and direct mail advertising . This combination of advertising outlets represents Microsoft’s: A . niche buy . B . advertising plan . C . media mix . D . track testing . E . supply chain messaging . 25 . _________________ is a sales philosophy and process that emphasizes a commitment to maintaining and investing in long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships . A . Organizational buying B . Cold calling C . Psychographic selling D . Relationship selling E . Sales management

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