September 2023 Question 1 Shirley works in the human resource department at Turtle Shells Inc She believes she is seeing an

2024 MGT 500/MGT500 FINAL EXAM PART 1 (ALL CORRECT) Assignment Help

Question 1 Shirley works in the human resource department at Turtle Shells Inc She believes she is seeing an 2023

Question 1 Shirley works in the human resource department at Turtle Shells, Inc. She believes she is seeing an increase in drinking problems among the workforce. She thinks she needs to investigate further. She is at what stage of the managerial decision making process? Answer Diagnosis and analysis of causes Development of alternatives Recognition of decision requirement Evaluation and feedback Selection of desired alternatives Question 2 People with a(n) ____ style usually are concerned with the personal development of others and may make decisions that help others achieve their goals. Answer classical analytic logical behavioral conceptual Question 3 ____ has the highest possibility of failure. Answer The condition of certainty The condition of ambiguity The condition of uncertainty The condition of risk Question 4 Programmed decisions are made in response to ____ organizational problems. Answer unusual recurring significant minor unique Question 5 ____ refers to the process of identifying problems and then resolving them. Answer Organizing Controlling Decision-making Planning Leading Question 6 ____ departments include all of those that provide specialized skills in support of ____ departments. Answer Line; staff Staff; line Primary; functional Functional; primary Line; functional Question 7 ____ are brought together as a formal department in the organization. Answer Cross-functional teams Permanent teams Formal teams Ad-hoc teams Task teams Question 8 ____ refers to a clearly defined line of authority in the organization that includes all employees. Answer Scalar principle Unity of command Work specialization Division of labor Span of management Question 9 ____ means that each employee is held accountable to only one supervisor. Answer Scalar principle Unity of command Work specialization Division of labor Span of management Question 10 Which of the following is the basis for grouping positions into departments and departments into the total organization? Answer Departmentalization Centralization Decentralization Formalization Specialization Question 11 Today’s most successful companies are including ____ directly in the product and service development process. Answer employees internal buyers competitors customers Question 12 Which of the following refers to the generation of novel solutions to perceived problems? Answer Problem solving Organizational development Creativity Brainstorming Perceived solution Question 13 Organizational development specialists identify three distinct steps for achieving behavioral and attitudinal changes. These are Answer freezing, changing, and intervention. unfreezing, change agent, and freezing. unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. intervention, refreezing, and change agent. Question 14 ____ change is a change in the organization’s product or service outputs. Answer Technology Product Entrepreneurship Creative Incremental Question 15 Organizational development can help managers address problems such as merger/acquisitions, conflict management, and ____. Answer cultural changes force field analysis organizational productivity organizational decline/revitalization Question 16 One of the most dangerous performance evaluation errors is ____, which places an employee into a class or category based on one or a few traits or characteristics. Answer Homogeneity The halo effect Stereotyping Diversion Leniency Question 17 ____ has led to the elimination of many positions in organizations. Answer Globalization Insourcing Differentiation Restructuring Question 18 The process of observing and evaluating an employee’s performance, recording the assessment, and providing feedback to the employee is referred to as Answer orientation training classroom training a paper-and-pencil test performance appraisal Question 19 Which of the following is a device for collecting information about an applicant’s education, previous job experience, and other background characteristics? Answer Employment test An assessment center An application form An affirmative action form A Privacy form Question 20 The ____ prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals by employers for a demand of “reasonable accommodation.” Answer Civil Rights Act American with Disabilities Act Vocational Rehabilitation Act Family and Medical Leave Act Equal Pay Act Question 21 Which workforce generation category is characterized as ambitious but lacking loyalty to the organization? Answer Generation X Generation Y Baby boomers Teeny bopper Generation A Question 22 Which of the following prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, and sex? Answer Age Discrimination in Employment Act Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Equal Pay Act of 1963 Americans with Disabilities Act Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act Amendment of 1972 Question 23 Which of the following is an invisible barrier that separates women and minorities from top management positions? Answer The barrier to entry Affirmative action Equal opportunity The glass ceiling The glass wall Question 24 Which of the following refers to special training to help people identify their own cultural boundaries, prejudices, and stereotypes and to develop the skills for managing and working in a diverse workplace? Answer Globalization training Human resource training Cultural training Diversity training Empathy training Question 25 Which is the highest level of sexual harassment? Answer Generalized Inappropriate/offensive Sexual crimes Solicitation with promise of reward Coercion with threat of punishment

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