This is 8 discussions, I need one completed every 4 days.

CO301 Intro to Communication Theory

Week 1-8 Discussions

Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers. If you have not done so lately, please review the Rules of Discussion.

Week 1

Managing Identity

Question A

Please introduce yourself to the class. How would you rate yourself as a communicator on a scale of 1-10? Remember, “communication” includes both oral and written communication.

Question B

How do you alter your behavior to manage your identity? Do you have one “face” or identity for communicating with family members, another for the workplace or for hanging out with friends, and one for a romantic relationship? What is unique about each of these identities? What are you managing by changing your “face” for each type of communication? Do those faces represent different aspects of your self-concept?

In your replies to others, compare the “face” that is used in the initial response with the “face” you might choose in similar circumstances. Why would you choose that “face”? What does that tell you about your own self-concept?

View your discussion rubric.

Week 2

If you have not already, watch the Week 2 MindTap video “Reflecting on Nonverbal Communication.” You can access the video through the Weekly Content for Week 2.

Reflecting on the video, how do the nonverbal messages (for example, gestures, facial expressions, body movements, nonverbal cues) of the people in this scenario affect the way in which their messages are received? How could changing specific nonverbal messages have altered the outcome? How does your interpretation affect your perception of the interaction? Be specific in your response.

In replies to others, examine the specific choices made to change nonverbal messages and compare and contrast them to choices you might have made.

View your discussion rubric.

Week 3

Texting in Language

Watch the John McWhorter Ted Talk Video “Txtng is killing language. Jk!!!”

What do you think of Mr. McWhorter’s view of language, and the place of texting in language? How has texting changed the way you communicate—or do you text at all? On balance, do you see texting as positive or negative? Is texting a benefit to interpersonal communication or a barrier?

In replies to others, compare your views on texting with the initial responder’s. What do you see as positives and negatives of texting?

View your discussion rubric.

Week 4

Reflecting on Listening

If you have not already, watch the Week 4 MindTap video “Reflecting on Listening.” You can access the video through the Weekly Content for Week 4.

By objectively listening with his eyes and ears, Randall has been able to provide useful information to Jacob. Using terminology from the text, explain what each of the gentlemen did well or not so well when it came to listening. What lessons can you draw from this conversation for your own listening behaviors? How have your listening behaviors in the past been barriers to effective communication?

In responding to others, consider how your own approach to listening affects your interpretation of the effectiveness of the examples, and compare that to what the initial responder discovered.

View your discussion rubric.

Week 5 Discussion


Think about two relationships in your life, one long-term and one more recent. What rules apply in each relationship? Have the rules evolved over time in that relationship? What is different about the longer-term relationship compared to the more recent one? Consider levels of self-disclosure in each relationship. Are they the same, or are there different levels based on the length of the relationship?

In responding to others, compare the rules in your own relationships with those of the initial response. Do your rules lead to altered relationships?

View your discussion rubric.

Week 6 Discussion

Conflict Resolution

View the William Ury video “The walk from ‘no’ to ‘yes’”.

What are two principles of conflict resolution you can take from this video? How do they relate to the principles from the text? Provide an example of where you might have used one or both of these principles to have gained a better result in a conflict you experienced in the past.

In replies to others, consider whether you might have used the same approach to conflict resolution as in the example, or whether another approach would better fit your personal approach to conflict.

View your discussion rubric.

Week 7 Discussion

Group Experiences

View the Mariano Sigman video “How can groups make good decisions?”

Think about the groups you have been a part of. Which of the problems Sigman pointed out were present in these groups? What could you, as a group member, have done differently to improve the result for the group?

In replies to others, compare your group experiences with those in the initial response. Be specific about problems and solutions you experienced.

View your discussion rubric.


Week 8 Discussion

Reflecting on Communicating Effectively in Groups and Teams

If you have not already, watch the Week 8 MindTap video “Reflecting on Communicating Effectively in Groups and Teams.” You can access the video through the Weekly Content for Week 8.

There are many benefits to working in groups. Consider your last group experience. What were the benefits of working with others? Drawbacks? What role did the leader play? Having the knowledge you now possess about groups, how might things have turned out differently had you applied concepts covered in this chapter? Be specific in your explanation.

In responding to others’ postings, consider whether there were other ways the situation might have been approached which might have yielded different results.

View your discussion rubric.

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