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It is recommended that you create a meaningful resignation letter when transitioning from employment to retirement to help keep the company connections and coworker relationships you built throughout your career.

By filing a retirement letter of resignation, you allow your firm to plan for your departure adequately. In this article, we will cover what a resignation letter is and why you should write one for retirement, as well as share letter examples.

What Exactly is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter informs your employer that you intend to depart your position. A retirement resignation letter allows your company to plan for your absence and begin the hiring process for your replacement.

Most resignation letters require two weeks’ notice, but this can differ for retirement letters. If you are in upper-level management, it may take months for your employer to find a suitable replacement. 

Consider alerting your management as soon as you begin making retirement preparations so that they have enough time to hire and educate a new or existing employee. Like other professional correspondences, resignation letters should include the following components:


The date, the recipient’s name, the firm’s name, and the address should all be at the top of a written letter.

A Salutation

Includes a quick greeting that addresses the recipient at the start of a letter. If you have a personal relationship with the reader, use their first name, such as “Dear Kenesha.” It is best to mention their title and last name in a more professional letter, such as “Dear Mr. Guerrero.”


The body might have one to five paragraphs. The first paragraph should begin with a declaration about your intention to retire, mentioning a date.

Personal information, such as skills learned or retirement goals, can be included in the following paragraphs. Consider writing about your time at the company and thanking your employer for the opportunity to work for the corporation in a more sincere letter. You might also offer to help with the changeover.


Finish the letter with a closure like “Sincerely” or “Gratefully,” then sign and date.

How to Write a Retirement Letter

We’ve prepared seven crucial stages to aid you through the writing process to guarantee you produce a successful retirement letter for your employer:

1. Make sure your retirement letter is appropriately formatted

Proper formatting on your retirement letter guarantees that your employer (and HR) comprehend entirely what you’re stating. 

Here are some pointers to help you format your retirement letter:

To avoid the appearance of being too vacant or congested, use a readable, professional typeface with a font size of 10-12. Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana are typically the best typefaces for a letter.

List your current contact information (e.g., first and last name, mailing address, email address, and phone number) at the top center or top left of your letter if they need to reach you concerning work-related concerns.

After adding your contact information, left-align today’s date on a separate line to keep track of when you submitted your retirement letter.

To demonstrate that you’re following proper letter-writing methods, including your employer’s contact information beneath the current date (e.g., your employer’s first and last name, firm name and address, phone number, and email).

Respectfully greet your employer by beginning your letter with “Dear [Mr./Ms./Mx] [Last Name],” so it’s clear who you’re addressing. You can address your team, department, or company if necessary.

2. Inform your employer when and why you intend to retire

After greeting your employer, express your desire to retire and specify the date you want to leave the organization.

Giving your employer notice that you are retiring indicates that you value their time and allows them to notify HR so that the company may begin the leave process as soon as possible.

Consider the following easy retirement letter opening:

Madame Das, I’m writing to inform you that I will leave Genesis Consulting on February 15, 2023.

Discuss your plans and what you require from the organization.

Making your objectives clear with your retirement letter is critical to avoid miscommunication.

So, immediately contact your employer if you require assistance with action items such as

  • obtaining pension benefits
  • collecting your pension using unused sick days or vacation time, or obtaining your final paycheck,
  • Some firms will allow you to stay on and work part-time or casually. If you’re interested in continuing to work part-time or as a freelance consultant or mentor, you can mention that in your retirement letter.

And, if you choose, you can disclose your plans to your boss briefly — significantly if you’re departing on good terms and have close relationships with your coworkers.

You could, for example, indicate in your letter that you want to:

  • Travel to a different country for vacation
  • Spend time with your family and friends
  • Start a new interest in a new city
  • take good care of yourself.

Consider the following sample phrase about our retiree’s plans:

I intend to continue in San Jose after retirement and improve my lifestyle by incorporating yoga, meditation, and swimming into my daily regimen.

3. Volunteer to help with the change

Employers would appreciate it if you expressed your willingness to assist with the transfer. So, whether you’re passing over documents, turning over equipment, or training a new employee to take over your function, include a particular sentence about how you can help them or that you’re pleased to stay in touch.

Here’s an example of a statement regarding how you can help your company:

It will be my pleasure to welcome the next Director of Operations before my departure, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I’m going to miss working here, and I’d love to keep in touch with you and the rest of our team.

4. Thank your boss for showing your gratitude

Retiring from a company where you’ve invested time and work can be bittersweet. Even if you’re eager to leave, you should always thank your employer for the opportunity and maintain a cheerful tone.

Here’s an example of a brief thank you remark that you might include in your retirement letter:

Thank you for the opportunity to work at this organization and for your guidance throughout the years.

5. Tell us about your experience with the company

Although it is optional, writing about your work history with the organization is a terrific method to remind your boss of your contributions and the good times you’ve had with them.

For example, if you’ve had a significant impact on their firm or worked there for many years, you could want to discuss how these events shaped you. An example of what a consulting professional wrote about their work experience is shown below:

I began working at this company in June 2004 and have seen our small consulting firm expand from 10 to over 250 workers. I’ve had a terrific time teaching our consultants and have hosted over 300 seminars, workshops, and mentorship sessions.

What Should Include in Your Retirement Resignation Letter

A retirement resignation letter should include the following:


The letter should be formatted in the same way as any formal letter, with the addition of some retirement-specific statistics and a statement of your retirement plans.

The date

It is critical to schedule your resignation because benefits can be contingent not only on your retirement date but also on when you offer notice. If a query from human resources or senior management arises, including the date on the letter provides a physical means to establish when you gave notice—and how much time you provided.

Salutation as is customary

State your desired retirement date (your last day) and your thoughts on a transition plan in the body of the letter. Make your intentions known if you intend to assist with the transition or train a new employee. This gesture could generate more goodwill, which could help you transition into consulting or other part-time jobs in retirement.

You may only want to be available for a set period of time, such as three months. If this is the case, be as specific as possible.

Also, remind your employer of your present work title, length of time with the organization, and most notable accomplishments.

If you want to personalize your letter, express your appreciation for a rewarding career at the company and explain your retirement plans. Finally, put your contact information at the end of the letter.

You must decide how much time you will devote to your employer. While two weeks’ notice is the industry standard, many companies would like a lengthier notice period, particularly for retirement.

Giving your company adequate notice is critical to maintaining goodwill and aiding in the transition process. If you know you’ll be retiring at the end of the year, write your letter at least a month ahead.

Example of a Retirement Resignation Letter (Text Version)

Anytown, CA 54321 

Frank Jones 234 Main Street


30 November 2028

April Lee


Acme Corporation

123 Business Rd.

Business City, NY 54321

Dear Madame Lee,

I am writing to advise you that I will be retiring on October 1, 2029.

I have thoroughly loved working for Acme Corporation, and I am grateful for the assistance I have received during my ten years with the organization.

The stimulation of our tremendous corporate culture and the possibilities for progress and promotion that were provided to me made waking up and coming to work each day a delight.

While I am looking forward to retiring, I will miss being a part of our team and the firm. I am confident that the friendships I have formed here will last a long time.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you before or after my leave. I’d be delighted to offer any assistance to ensure a seamless transition to my successor.


Signature (hard copy letter)

John Frank

Tips to Make Your Retirement Letter Polished

Consider these tips when writing your resignation letter for retirement:

Depending on your position and the organization’s culture, you can choose a casual or formal tone. For instance, if you’re a manager at a golf course, your letter might be more informal than if you are a chief financial officer for a Fortune 500 company.

Sending a well-crafted resignation letter is important in maintaining the company’s positive perception of you. Making sure your resignation is brief, concise and free of errors lets your recipients know you value them and your working relationship. After carefully proofreading and editing your letter, consider having a friend or colleague review it and provide feedback.

You should deliver your letter to your manager to allow them to plan for your departure. You may also need to send a copy to your human resources department in case they need to process your benefits.

You should try to deliver your letter in-person so you can interact directly with your manager. If you work remotely, it is acceptable to email your notice.

Retirement Resignation Letter Template

If you need a retirement resignation letter, simply copy the template and modify it to meet your requirements.

May 8, 2023


Address on the Street

City and state

Name of the Supervisor


Name of the Company

Street Address of the Company

City and state of business

Mr. or Mrs. Supervisor,

This letter is to inform you of my intention to retire on (Month) (Day) of this year. I’ve had a great time working for the organization and appreciate the possibilities to assist our (clients/customers).

I understand that it will take some time to train and prepare my replacement to take up my existing tasks. If you believe it would be advantageous, I am willing to make myself accessible during the month of (Month).

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow with such an amazing team and company. My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, and my email is x.



Name Typed

It may be as easy as the letter above! Again, you may discuss your retirement intentions in a phrase or two, but keep it short.

Bottom Line

Writing a formal retirement letter of resignation is a big step toward officially resigning and leaving your job. It is an important document as it marks the beginning of your next journey. Follow the guidelines above to help your letter be as professional and polished as possible.


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