Question1 Marks 1 Public Opinion has no precise universally agreed on definition However according to Bernard Hennessy public – Get help from top-rated tutors 2024

Question1 Marks 1 Public Opinion has no precise universally agreed on definition However according to Bernard Hennessy public – Get help from top-rated tutors 2024

Political science final 2


Marks: 1

Public Opinion has no precise, universally agreed-on definition. However, according to Bernard Hennessy, public opinion is simply ______________________ expressed by a significant number of persons on an issue of general importance.

Choose one answer.


a. Surveys


b. the aggregate of views men hold that affect the community


c. the complex of preferences


d. what the government decides the people want


Marks: 1

Surveys have found that the American public is _______________ about politics. What is the reason?

Choose one answer.


a. Knowledgeable and bias


b. Enthusiastic


c. Indifferent and uninformed


d. Interested and militant


Marks: 1

 Even though there are ideological differences among whites, Kinder and Sanders found that on the issue of race that whites are:

Choose one answer.


a. More vocal than before


b. Less Likely to Express their Opinions


c. Consistent in their thoughts


d. Showing more distinct differences than before


Marks: 1

In 1978, only 15% of whites believed that African Americans were inferior, reduced from 31% in 1963. These studies also show that most whites say that they:

Choose one answer.


a. Hate the Ku Klux Klan


b. Embrace the principle of racial equality


c. Are ready to embrace Affirmative Action


d. Would like to end the segregation that continues to exist


Marks: 1

Although white hostility toward African Americans has not disappeared, it has become less obvious and more difficult to document. How is this new form of racism been identified?

Choose one answer.


a. “modern and symbolic racism”


b. “disguised racism”


c. “capitalist oriented racism”


d. “racial resentment”


Marks: 1

Through research, Jennifer Hochschild found that ___________tends to see more discrimination?

Choose one answer.


a. Every class receives equal amounts of discrimination.


b. Upper-class blacks


c. Middle-class blacks


d. Low-class blacks


Marks: 1

During which decade was African American trust in the government high?

Choose one answer.


a. 1970s


b. 1960s


c. 1990s


d. 1980s


Marks: 1

The deep racial divide between African Americans and Whites are reflected in responses to such issues as:

Choose one answer.


a. AIDS, Highways, Abortion


b. Hurricane Katrina, Crime, the Environment


c. Crime, AIDs, Hurricane Katrina


d. Abortion, Crime and the Environment


Marks: 1

A CNN/USA Today poll found that _______ of African Americans believed that the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina was delayed based on race, while only ________ of whites believed so, reflecting a sense of alienation among African Americans.

Choose one answer.


a. 80%, 30%


b. 60%, 12%


c. 40%, 60%


d. 20%, 70%


Marks: 1

Those who support an active role in government, government spending on social issues, higher taxation and tolerance on social issues are defined as:

Choose one answer.


a. Conservatives


b. Independent Voters


c. Right-Winged


d. Liberals


Marks: 1

Although African Americans are more liberal on the role of the government in universalizing rights, they are not so liberal on what kinds of issues?

Choose one answer.


a. Gender and racial


b. social and moral


c. ethical and economical


d. none of the above


Marks: 1

While African Americans embrace most tenets of the liberal ideology, the National Black Politics Survey (1993) indicate that they also embrace elements of black ___________________.

Choose one answer.


a. nationalism


b. radicalism


c. opinion


d. patriotism


Marks: 1

On the issue of government ownership of private enterprises, what percentage of Blacks believe that government should reduce income inequality between rich and poor, compared to what percentage of whites _________?

Choose one answer.


a. 64%; 29%


b. 75% ; 59%


c. 59% ; 80 %


d. 73%; 44%


Marks: 1

What are the two dimensions of Black Nationalism?

Choose one answer.


a. separatist nationalism and militant nationalism


b. organized nationalism and community nationalism


c. individualistic nationalism and militant nationalism


d. community nationalism and separatist nationalist


Marks: 1

Which form of nationalism “rejects inclusion within-the white-dominated American state and seeks the creation of a new homeland.”

Choose one answer.


a. organized nationalism


b. separatist nationalism


c. pan-africanism


d. community nationalism


Marks: 1

Which African American economical class tends to support separatist nationalism?

Choose one answer.


a. Lower Class


b. Mid-Upper Class


c. Middle-Class


d. Upper-class


Marks: 1

On the survey entitled, “African American Autonomy in Mass Public Opinion,” the majority of African Americans agreed with which statement?

Choose one answer.


a. Black children should study an African language


b. Blacks should shop in black stores whenever possible


c. Blacks should control the government in black communities


d. Blacks should rely on themselves and not others


Marks: 1

 _____________nationalists doubt that they will accomplish their goals and therefore are quite pessimistic about the future?

Choose one answer.


a. Militant


b. Community


c. Organized


d. Separatist


Marks: 1

A very strong kind of adherence to the nationalist ideology is associated with________________ from whites but not gays, lesbians, feminist, or middle-class blacks.

Choose one answer.


a. Disaffection


b. Endearment


c. Misinterpretation


d. none of the above


Marks: 1

In what era did feminism emerge as an important ideology in African American politics?

Choose one answer.


a. 1050s


b. 1930s


c. 1990s


d. 1970s


Marks: 1

Race remains the dominant screen through which black women view politics. What is the  primary reason for this perspective?

Choose one answer.


a. gender is a weak vehicle for political identification


b. gender is a strong vehicle for political identification


c. women feel that their issues are less important than race issues


d. none of the above


Marks: 1

There are differences among feminist based on such characteristics as class, race and sexual orientation. This means that feminism is not ____________________.

Choose one answer.


a. supportive of ethical problems


b. political


c. monolithic


d. supportive of the racial fight for equality


Marks: 1

Which issue is widely supported by black organizations and leaders, except for black nationalists?  

Choose one answer.


a. equal employment


b. abortion rights


c. age


d. support for child care


Marks: 1

What would not be a focus of liberal feminism?

Choose one answer.


a. the Violence Against Women Act


b. health and child care


c. abortion


d. drug use amongst black athletes


Marks: 1

What is the weakest of ideologies among African Americans?

Choose one answer.


a. Feminism


b. Marxism


c. Black Nationalism


d. Conservatism


Marks: 1

In the first black newspaper, Samuel Cornish and John B. Russwurm expressed the need for a black press. They said “We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us.” What was the name of this newspaper founded in 1827, by these two pioneers?

Choose one answer.


a. Freedom’s Journal


b. David Walkers Appeal


c. North Star


d. The Afro American


Marks: 1

Which two institutions have been central to the African American freedom struggle?

Choose one answer.


a. The black press and black politics.


b. The black press and black political organizations.


c. The black church and the politics of resistance.


d. The black church and the black press


Marks: 1

What role has the African American press not played in black society and politics?

Choose one answer.


a. A Socialization Agent


b. Vehicle of protest against racism and white supremacy


c. Portrayed positive images of blacks.


d. None of the Above


Marks: 1

Choose one answer.


a. Provide local support against racism


b. Provide national commentary against racism


c. Focus on civic, cultural and religious affairs on a local level


d. Provide social and political news to African Americans


Marks: 1

Which of the following is not representative of the current state of the black press in America:

Choose one answer.


a. African Americans own 10 percent of radio stations


b. African Americans own 0.6 percent of full power television stations


c. 450 black oriented radio stations


d. 200 weekly papers


Marks: 1

What is the name of the African American newspaper in Los Angeles

Choose one answer.


a. The Los Angeles Inquiry


b. The Los Angeles Herald


c. The Los Angeles Sentinel


d. None of the Above


Marks: 1

According to the text, what black media personality is lauded as the most powerful voice in black media with an audience of about 10 million listeners in more than 100 cities-an audience equivalent to that of Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh?

Choose one answer.


a. Tom Joyner


b. Michael Basin


c. Steve Harvey


d. Tavis Smiley


Marks: 1

National general circulation news and information magazines, such as Ebony and Jet tend to focus on _________.

Choose one answer.


a. the black upper classes


b. poverty and racism


c. news and celebrities


d. celebrities, consumerism and the black middle class


Marks: 1

 What happened to Emerge Magazine, which is viewed as the only serious national black news magazine?

Choose one answer.


a. Jet and Ebony magazine was more profitable


b. It was transformed into a Hip Hop Magazine


c. Robert Johnson of BET began to emphasize only on Hip Hop Videos


d. It was shut down because it failed to make a profit


Marks: 1

The racial “digital divide” has narrowed significantly since 2000 where it was estimated that only 36 percent of blacks were online compared to 54 percent of whites, 41 percent of English speaking Latinos, and 69 percent of Asian Americans. As of 2006, what was the estimated percentage of blacks who were officially online?

Choose one answer.


a. 52 percent


b. 40 percent


c. 85 percent


d. 61 percent


Marks: 1

What is the purpose of the National Newspaper Publishers Association?

Choose one answer.


a. Serve as a trade association for black newspapers


b. To distribute news from the black media


c. None of the Above


d. All of the Above


Marks: 1

What is meant by the term “mass media” in the U.S.?

Choose one answer.


a. The mass media refers to news as well as the people who deliver it worldwide.


b. Business corporations that provide news, information and entertainment in order to make a profit.


c. The mass media refers to any source that provides information simply for the sake of disseminating that info.


d. The mass media refers to all news outlets worldwide.


Marks: 1

In the age where media conglomerates exist to turn large profits, many media companies have been purchased by large multinational corporations. Which of the following media companies is not paired up with its actual corporate owner:

Choose one answer.


a. ABC—Walt Disney


b. BET—Time Warner


c. NBC—General Electric


d. CBS—Viacom


Marks: 1

For the African American community, what is the negative result of the trend of media conglomeration?

Choose one answer.


a. More Reality shows that feature Flava Flav types


b. More News that African Americans may not like.


c. Loss of independent African American voices in the media.


d. More Entertainment shows that stereotype African Americans


Marks: 1

When did mainstream news outlets begin to hire African American news personnel for the first time. 

Choose one answer.


a. In the 1960s, after the riots


b. In 1992, after the Rodney King Rebellion


c. In the 1990s, after the O.J. Simpson Trial


d. In the 1930’s after the new deal


Marks: 1

What two viable and culturally vital black products were discontinued as a result of the 3 billion dollar buy out and take over of BET by one of the large multi-national corporations?

Choose one answer.


a. Tavis Smiley Show—Emerge Magazine


b. Emerge Magazine—Def Poetry Jam


c. The Basement—Tavis Smiley Show


d. Def Poetry Jam—Teen Summit


Marks: 1

African Americans make up _____ of the important decision-making positions of news director in television.

Choose one answer.


a. 0.6%


b. 1.2%


c. 10%


d. 0%


Marks: 1

According to Herbert Gans, the sole objective of mass media is to_____________________. 

Choose one answer.


a. Sell the world an Americanized perspective to see the world.


b. Report the facts objectively


c. Preserve the social order


d. Sensationalize all events to make them newsworthy


Marks: 1

Media scholars, Dates and Barlow observed that stereotypes in the media are ________________________________.

Choose one answer.


a. the by products of a massive white inferiority complex.


b. templates that ultimately become a self fulfilling prophecy


c. frozen, incapable of growth, change, innovation or transformation


d. not actually stereotypes, but a way of expressing the black life for easier packaging.


Marks: 1

Historically and at present there is a strong tendency for white mass media to create stimuli that activates racial attitudes and stereotypes when dealing with blacks. In short, there is an image presentation problem. What was one of the first works that addressed this problem in political terms and who was the author?

Choose one answer.


a. Representin’—S. Craig Watkins


b. Behold a Pale Horse—William Cooper.


c. The White Press and Black America—Carolyn Martindale.


d. A Horse of a Different Color: Television’s Treatment of Jesse Jackson’s Presidential Campaign—C. Anthony Broh.


Marks: 1

In the post-civil rights era, the African American press has declined as an instrument of protest. What reason is given for this downward trend?

Choose one answer.


a. This adversely impacts the protest motive of the black press.


b. All black cultural products have shifted from protest to entertainment White Supremacy and racism are less overt and therefore it is difficult to target the problem.


c. Protest as a mode of expression in the digital age is seen as a waste of time by those who consume media so the market for protest media is becoming obsolete.


d. Funding


Marks: 1

In general, to what does the text attribute the lack of black newspaper readership?

Choose one answer.


a. This is the age of the visual, so newspapers are not the primary source of disseminated information.


b. General knowledge of the existence of black print media sources has been lost and replaced by word of mouth, via networking sites such as facebook, twitter and my space.


c. Mainstream media does a somewhat better job in the post-civil rights era of covering the internal life of the black community.


d. The interest level in mainstream media and the stories presented as newsworthy has declined.


Marks: 1

Ida B. Wells Barnett, perhaps the greatest journalist of her time was affectionately referred to as_____________________.

Choose one answer.


a. The Great Organizer.


b. Princess of the Black Press.


c. The Great Liberator


d. Lola


Marks: 1

What was Wells best known for?

Choose one answer.


a. For being an outspoken black leader.


b. For raising her siblings at the age of 16.


c. Her campaign against lynching.


d. The fact that she was a Black woman who could write well.


Marks: 1

Ida B. Wells Barnett was the founder of which national organization that continues to exist today.

Choose one answer.


a. The Afro-American Association


b. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


c. The Black Women’s Alliance


d. The National Urban League

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