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The opinion of society on sexually assaulted victims

When it comes to rape cases, the issues are very complicated. Opinion pertaining matters of sexual assaults victims vary from one individual to another. It is hard to find a case where the whole society or a majority of people having a specific view on the case of sexually assaulted victims. The society has a diverse opinion when it comes to victims of sexual assaults. Throughout the different opinion, there are major concerns and positive outcomes that can impact the life of sexual assaults victims. However, the general view of sexual assaults victims is based on whether they are females, males, their morality in society and social status of individuals who are either the sexual assault victims or the predators of conducting the different kinds of sexual assaults.

Firstly the major issue on the opinion of the society is how they view the male sexually assaulted victims. The society does not take it seriously and view men, victims like it is a crime that is accepted in the society. Whether a person is famous, a normal citizen, rich or poor, male victims of sexual assaults is not always a serious crime. In fact, many people who sexually assault male victims end up getting away with the crime and they are not seen as dangerous or criminals in the society. The issue is easily forgotten and things go back to normal.

However, when it comes to females, rape is a very big issue. The society is dedicated to helping out the female sexual assaults in many ways. For example, there are big organizations and funding that are dedicated to helping out sexually assaulted victims. Apart from that, there are many supportive societies that give guidance and counselling to sexually assaulted women and make sure they fully recover from rape traumatic effects. There are campaigns and advertisement that help a woman protect themselves from rape incidences.

But how serious a crime is taken will depend on several factors. Society has detected several bias behaviors when it comes to female sexual assaults. In the case of a famous person, the allegations of sexual assault are taken very seriously. The society makes sure that the case is followed properly and acted accordingly. According to society, it seems like the famous victims of sexual assault are more important than regular citizens. The society makes sure that the famous people receive more care and treatment than it would emphasize on a regular citizen. For instance, among the thousands of regular citizens who have been sexually assaulted barely receive justice and many cases end up being dismissed by courts. However, in case a famous person is assault, most of the cases end up with justice where the perpetrator receives hard punished which comforts the assaulted victim.

The society seems to have a big barrier when it comes to handling cases where a regular citizen have been assaulted by powerful or a famous person. The society views a regular victim of sexual assault as a person who is aiming at getting back at the famous person for other reason. The society has a perfect view of famous and influential people in the society as people who cannot commit sexual assault crimes. Therefore, many victims who are sexually assaulted by influential people in the society end up keeping quiet because they are afraid they will receive critics and there is a high probability that nothing will be done. This explains the reason when someone finally stands and says with substantial evidence that an influential person sexually assaulted them, many other people come up claiming the same thing.

Therefore, even though the society has tried to help people who are sexually assaulted, it still has some gaps it has to fill. For example, there is a need for the society to change the view of males who are sexually assaulted. There are many men who suffer in silence because their cases are not taken seriously but rather become a laughing stock because they are seen as weak. The society also needs to change the opinion of influential or famous people not capable of committing sexual assault act. All people are humans and are exposed to the same behavior. Finally, the society needs to ensure that all people no matter their status receive justice for sexual assault crimes.

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