2023 ICT248 Cyber Forensics Assignment 2 Research Essay Student Name | Assignment Collections

Computer Science 2023 Cyber Forensics

2023 ICT248 Cyber Forensics Assignment 2 Research Essay Student Name | Assignment Collections


Cyber Forensics

Assignment 2 – Research Essay



Student Name                                     Student No.



Max marks


Mark awarded

Assignment Structure

Introduction, objectives, scope, logical flow, headings and sub-headings




Grammar, spelling

Correct English usage




Coverage of the Topic

Coverage, matches scope.

Information not appropriately referenced at best gets no marks and at worse may suggest plagiarism.


o   Describe digital evidence

o   Explain the key principles of cyber forensics.

o   Discuss examination processes used to:

§  preserve

§  locate

§  select

§  analyse

§  validate, and

§  present evidence obtained from a computer for evidentiary purposes.

oDiscuss and the importance of crime reconstruction hypotheses and alternative hypotheses.


Analysis, Conclusion and discussion

Draws together discussion, highlights implications, etc.





Used correctly in-text, provide examples included in references


Quality, breadth, completeness, matches citations, Bibliography.













Assignment 2 – Research Essay is a submission of an essay based on the cyber forensic environment and is worth 30% of the overall unit mark.


1.         Internal and external students undertake the same activities and are assessed the same.  The submission of a research essay based on the cyber forensic environment.  The length of the essay should be:


ICT248 Undergraduate students – 3,500 words.



2.         You are required to complete and submit a RESEARCH-BASED essay describing and discussing the processes AND challenges involved in identifying, recovering, securing, examining, analysing and preparing digital evidence from a crime scene.  This covers the theoretical part of the unit and should be based on the lecture/workshop material, this guide, the lecture notes and, most importantly your own research endeavours.  In my experience, employers are looking for graduates who possess analytical, research and communication (writing) skills above and beyond the components of the degree. 


3.         The essay MUST contain the following:


·         Introduction and table of contents – Defining your scope of coverage of the essay.

·         Content – To enhance your grades, you MUST include some description and discussion of  the following in your essay:

o   Describe digital evidence

o   Explain the key principles of cyber forensics.

o   Discuss investigation processes used to:

§  preserve

§  locate

§  select

§  analyse

§  validate, and

§  present evidence obtained from a computer for evidentiary purposes.

o   Discuss and the importance of crime reconstruction hypotheses and alternative hypotheses.

·         Conclusionmost students overlook and underestimate the conclusion – this is where you summarise the facts described in the body of your essay and add your own conclusions based on what you have read.  No new material should be added here.

·         Grammar and spelling – spell check your drafts – get a friend or relative to proof-read your drafts prior to submission.

·         References that are cited in the essay – use EndNote, if you wish.  This is available from the Library, free of charge. Post your draft to Turnitin (see separate instructions) to ensure that you have not inadvertently plagiarised the work of others.

·         Bibliography of other reference material that was used but not cited.


4.         Use appropriate headings and sub-headings that relate to the chosen topic.  The essay should include relevant quotations and examples to support discussion within the essay.


5.         The quality and breadth of references used will be taken into account and credit will be given for evidence of wide reading on the topic and use of material from a variety of sources (i.e., Learning Guide, books, journals, websites, newspapers, etc).


6.         You will also be assessed on the presentation of your essay, as well as the contents.  Marks will not be awarded where correct referencing is not used and will also not be awarded where the above instructions are not followed.  All assertions by other authors must be correctly referenced.  Please restrict your own comments to observations about the work of authors you are quoting.  Your own world view and statements of unsubstantiated facts (that are not referenced) do not earn marks.


7.         Please see the Online Resources page on the unit MyLMS homepage.  This will provide you with some links to help you with your essay preparation and writing.

Assignment 02 – Submission through Turnitin

8.         The University uses software called Turnitin which checks for plagiarism. Please note that when assignments are submitted electronically to Turnitin by you or your Unit Coordinator, a copy of your work is retained on the database to check collusion and future plagiarism. The University has a legal agreement with Turnitin that it will not share or reproduce student work in any form.

9.         For ICT248, Assignment 02, the Research Essay must be fully referenced where the assertions of other authors are being used and must first be submitted to Turnitin before it is submitted to LMS as a completed assignment.  The Turnitin account that will have been prepared for you by the Unit Coordinator and available through the Unit LMS site

Late submissions due to delays in submitting assignments through TURNITIN are not grounds for seeking an extension for the assignment.






Some additional hints to help you prepare your essay and enhance your grades.




Essay style may be in report form or an essay – that is your choice.


Use of heading and a table of contents makes it easier for you to structure the essay in a logical and cohesive form.  It also makes it easier for the reader to navigate your essay and helps prepare the reader for each new major concept that you are introducing.


Refer to the hints and tips on essay writing and referencing that may have already been posted in the MyLMS discussion board.  If you are not already making good use of the board by reading the contents, I exhort you to do so.


Include a descriptive title – many students do not do this – it’s like a sweet wrapper – is it a Fantale or a boring old Minty?  It prepares the reader for the delights you have in store for them!



Structure – should include:


Introduction – an overview of the key issues, concepts, etc., that you want to share with your reader – some of you may wish to include an abstract.


Body of the essay – more details of what you have stated in your introduction – use sub headings – logical flow of information and key and sub-topics – dot points ok, but don’t over use them – quotes should be kept to a minimum and are not included in the word count – extra points awarded for you paraphrasing the work of the authors you quote


Use linking paragraphs to introduce the next topic.

Some room for argument in your essay, but restrict this to your opinion of the work of credible authors you include in your essay.


Wherever you quote from an author, YOU MUST INCLUDE AN IN-TEXT CITATION.  One citation per paragraph will NOT suffice.  Use only APA 5th style of referencing or failure to do so will result in marks nor being awarded.


Conclusion – no new information included here – reiterate the key points of the information you have provided in the body of your essay, and your conclusions about what you think are significant, trends, etc.


Referencing – as above – ensure it meets the academic standards of the university.  Suspected plagiarism will be reported to the Dean – so take care to avoid it. Bibliography to include those references you looked at but did not include as a reference will also make Richard happy if I am trying to find you an extra mark.





Again, read the question.  What do you think it means? If you are unclear, email me and seek my advice, but do some research first!


These are guidelines only – you may wish to include other information you have identified during your research.  A broad range of research of reputable and creditable sources will earn you good marks. Wikepedia, Googlestuff and how Stuff Works will incur my wrath!  Say 25 – 30 sound references – journals, government publications and guides, research from various security bodies and reputable journals will gain you those extra marks.


Check your speling and grammer and submit in WORD DOC or (DOCX) format please, I have not got the time to fiddle around with other versions.


A really helpful site I expect many of you are already using is provided by the Library:







Try the new iGoogle feature that incorporates SFX FindIT to enhance your search for quality articles and books on the essay topic:







Please ensure you avoid plagiarising the work of others

and please do read the following guidelines:


Academic Integrity


Murdoch University encourages its students and staff to pursue the highest standards of integrity in all academic activity.  Academic integrity involves behaving ethically and honestly in scholarship and relies on respect for others’ ideas through proper acknowledgement and referencing of publications.


Lack of academic integrity, including the examples listed below, may lead to serious penalties.


Find out more about how to reference properly and avoid plagiarism at:





Inappropriate or inadequate acknowledgement of original work including:


·         Material copied word for word without any acknowledgement of its source


·         Material paraphrased without appropriate acknowledgement of its source


·         Images, designs, experimental results, computer code etc used or adapted without acknowledgement of the source.




Ghost writing

An assignment written by a third party and represented by a student as her or his own work.




Material copied from another students assignment with her or his knowledge.




Material copied from another students assignment or work without that persons knowledge.


Adapted from Section 9.3 of the Assessment Policy, Plagiarism and Collusion


Plagiarism-checking software


The University uses software called Turnitin which checks for plagiarism. The Coordinator may have added a link to Turnitin in your online unit. Please note that when you or your Unit Coordinator submit assignments electronically to Turnitin, a copy of your work is retained on the database to check collusion and future plagiarism. The University has a legal agreement with Turnitin that it will not share or reproduce student work in any form.


Advice on using Turnitin can be found at




Richard Boddington

Unit Coordinator – ICT248 & ICT548 Cyber Forensics

Perth, December 2012




Description: Murdoch_land_RGB


Student Number




Given name






Unit Code


Unit name


Enrolment mode

Internal / external



Assignment number


Assignment name





Student’s Declaration:


·          Except where indicated, the work I am submitting in this assignment is my own work and has not been submitted for assessment in another unit.


·          This submission complies with Murdoch University’s academic integrity commitments. I am aware that information about plagiarism and associated penalties can be found at http://www.murdoch.edu.au/teach/plagiarism/. If I have any doubts or queries about this, I am further aware that I can contact my Unit Coordinator prior to submitting the assignment.


·          I acknowledge that the assessor of this assignment may, for the purpose of assessing this assignment:

o  reproduce this assignment and provide a copy to another academic staff member; and/or

o  submit a copy of this assignment to a plagiarism-checking service. This web-based service may retain a copy of this work for the sole purpose of subsequent plagiarism checking, but has a legal agreement with the University that it will not share or reproduce it in any form.


·          I have retained a copy of this assignment.


·          I will retain a copy of the notification of receipt of this assignment. If you have not received a receipt within three days, please check with your Unit Coordinator.




I am aware that I am making this declaration by submitting this document electronically and by using my Murdoch ID and password it is deemed equivalent to executing this declaration with my written signature.


Optional Comments to Tutor:

E.g. If this is a group assignment, list group members here


If you can, please insert this completed form into the body of each assignment you submit. Follow the instructions in the Unit Information and Learning Guide about how to submit your file(s) and how to name them, so the Unit Coordinator knows whose work it is.




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