2023 Question Read Chapter 1 of the Goldman Textbook and describe in a minimum of 500 words what the | Assignment Collections

Computer Science 2023 Discussion 1 Response – Cyber Law

2023 Question Read Chapter 1 of the Goldman Textbook and describe in a minimum of 500 words what the | Assignment Collections

 Question : Read Chapter 1 of the Goldman Textbook and describe in a minimum of 500 words what the Internet is and how it has changed the world. 

I am adding my classmate’s response for the above question. You will have to write response for each post in 250 words. No references needed.  

Discussion 1: (RajeshKumar Kodali) 

The internet definitely changed somewhere between 1989 and 1995.

 The main source was privatization. After a progression of meetings, adjustments and startups, in 1993 the National Science Foundation declared plans to privatize all administrative resources associated with Internet work, helping those who were successful in mid-1995. Why? In short, NSF wanted to attract private customers and, in that sense, share the expensive picture of the Internet with them. NSF was simply pursuing its main goal of supporting US research: it was confident that a huge usage size would cut costs. (Indeed, it certainly had an unexpected result.) (Bruce, 1999).

Privatization had another unexpected result. It allowed application designers to think about building commercial applications for a previously unknown set of customers (e.g., any business or family outside scouting universities) and uses (e.g., e-commerce). This has opened up a completely different range of possible applications for the Internet and expanded its capabilities.

 The next reason was the innovation of the World Wide Web. Tim Berners-Lee decided to offer his product in shareware destinations in 1991. He founded the World Wide Web Consortium in 1994. The program had just begun to spread widely in university and soon spread everywhere. This made web applications the essential use of the internet framework and eradicated email as the primary function of the internet (Bruce, 1999).

Surprisingly, the size of the Internet began to change dramatically after 1995. From then on, it developed rapidly, surprising three billion customers the last time anyone checked. The number of pages of commercial websites has reached huge and incomprehensible figures (Bruce, 1999)

Now consider 2005-2015,Many additional applications were developed in the Internet / Web header. Perhaps the most unusual changes have occurred in the last decade with the increase in real time to watch videos and games. This detects stresses on the Internet that were not initially intended for, for example, the continuous (and without interference!) Movement of a lot of information to end customers. It also inspires massive internet usage and makes many customers willing to spend more money on faster collaborations (Glaser et al., 2002).

This also convinces numerous providers to provide customers with what they need and has prompted numerous organizations to find better approaches to utilize the additional throughput. Additionally, it inspired the fabric of the cloud, fundamentally to bring storage closer to customers, which also reconfigured the Internet in ways not initially proposed by planners. (Hi anyway, it improves the experience, so no one is complaining.)

There is another wonderful change in the Internet: the expansion of numerous devices. There was no single Internet solution for remote neighbourhoods, such as Wi-Fi. There were no plans for advanced tablets or mobile phones. There were no plans for NEST indoor dimmers, cameras from your garden, or Netflix on the porch by the pool. However, we can do each of these things on the basis that the conventions of the Internet have been expanded, reformed, modified, shaped, changed, modernized, undone, and imaginatively reconfigured for a wide variety of purposes (Glaser et al., 2002).

Someone else can focus on the many advancements to the Web over the past twenty years. This has also changed the number of customers using the internet.


Discussion 2:(Dheeraj Kumar)

Internet is globally connecting networking systems that facilitate worldwide communications and will accessing to the data resource through huge collection of government, academic, business, public and private network. It is been governed by the agencies like as Internet Assigned Numbers Authority that will establish the universal protocols. Term World Wide Web and internet will be often be used in interchangeably but they will not be same thing internet will refer to global communication systems, includes infrastructure and hardware while web is services that is communicated over internet (Zaryn.D, 2020).

Internet is originated with US government that began in building computer networks in 1960 referred as ARPANET. In the year 1985, US nation’s science foundation commissioned development of university networks backbone referred as NSFNET. System is been replaced by the new network operated commercial internet service provider in the year 1995 Internet is brought to public on the large scale around this time  As the global network responsible for large amounts of the data transfer and the process facilitation . Intent is been evolving constantly. Rapid developments of internet have created an unstable, significant change to everyday lives of ours. Impact intent have on the society is that felt almost on everything we do from that of ordering a pizza to latest news. To have affected the way we are communicating, the way we are learning in regards to the events and our brain functions. At this point racing in catching up with the developing the web technologies, create social evolutions that have impacted the way we will celebrates significant life events. Internet have affected ways we form and maintain the relationship with the family, acquaintance and friends. Now that we could interact with other and keep other update on lives of our be much easily that that of the past, notion of the intimate relationship have changed. For example the social media allow the people in constantly updating the networks in regards to the lives. Using the text posts, videos, photos we will present ourselves to people around us allow us in staying in touch every moment with the people who will care in regards to the people we do not. Cause acquaintance from past few years political learning where we will go to and graduate from the school .This could create new sense of an intimacy that will not exist sin past as people feels that they know all there is in knowing in regards to people in the lives This will in turn have been decrease actually significance of personal life events like as high school reunion and family. Beginning of 21st century have seem more is in the social media and some interactive, crow base communication platform. Revolution have upended ways we will think in regards to the personal life events because of fact that with internet we will have the access in more variety of the options and ideas and now that everyone have say. Where as it is hard to say that internet is sole reason  of this developments there is no denying that this have made significant impact on the way it is used in our day to day lives (Drew.H, 2020).


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