Week 11 Discussion Response to Classmates – Assignment Help Online Collections

Week 11 Discussion Response to Classmates – Assignment Help Online Collections

Lets do your Psychology Assignment

I NEED THIS 11/13/2020 BY 5PMPlease no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resources on your own before you bid. You need to have scholarly support for any claim of fact or recommendation regarding treatment. Grammar, Writing, and APA Format: I expect you to write professionally, which means APA format, complete sentences, proper paragraphs, and well-organized and well-documented presentation of ideas. Remember to use scholarly research from peer-reviewed articles that are current. Sources such as Wikipedia, Ask.com, PsychCentral, and similar sites are never acceptable.Each classmate’s document is attached so please respond separately.Read your classmates’ postings. Respond to your classmates’ postings.Share something you learned from your colleague in their letter or social media post.Share positive feedback to a colleague about the issue they chose to write about and how they advocated for the issue.1. Classmate (L. Sha)Representative Lois Frankel2305 Rayburn House Office Building                                                                                                                                     Washington, DC 20515-0921Dear Ms. Frankel,I am a behavioral health therapist whom has recently relocated to Palm Beach County, however, I work in Broward County at a homeless shelter. As I have worked in my field of behavioral health over the last thirty years, I have been afforded the opportunity to serve a diverse population of people ranging from childhood through old age, whom have experiences mental health, substance use and adverse conditions in a variety of settings throughout South Florida.Often times, individuals whom are homeless suffer from chronic issues of mental health and/or substance use disorders, medical issues, and lacking skills for independent living which has impacted individuals of all ages, including families. Often times, people believe that assisting homeless individuals is simplistic with offering shelter and employment/vocational services would be sufficient to assist with creating independence, however, this is more often than not, the case.It has been my observation and experience that homeless individuals and families are often stricken by trauma inducing events, chronic mental health and substance use issues, untreated medical issues, and other perpetuating factors such as lacking social, employment, and independent living skills that have led to and reinforce ongoing issues with homelessness. And now, with the Coronavirus pandemic leading to loss of life, employment, and at times causing individuals whom are isolated from their family and communities, it has been observed in the South Florida area, that the increase in homelessness has been on the rise.Homeless individuals and families are typically complex in their presenting issues, and their needs can be varied and different from one individual to the next. I am advocating for change in our community to increase funding and coordination of care to offer more individuals not only shelter, but a comprehensive plan and coordination effort to offer service delivery based on the needs of the individual. It has been often observed that individuals in need of these services often “slip through the cracks,” leading to not only the individual, but the community to be negatively impacted in a multitude of ways. Some of these individuals are known to many service providers, however, due to the lack of follow up and coordination between services providers, these individuals often repeat services multiple times with minimal benefit at best.Your attention to this chronic issue and need in our community is much appreciated.Sincerely,Luanne Shave2. Classmate (T. Rob)Senator Mark Warner703 Hart Senate Office BuildingWashington, DC 20510Dear Mr. Warner,I am writing in regard to provide help for children as well as adults who suffer from chronic illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and substance abuse issues. People who have an issue with this has become an ongoing issue in the DMV area. I think programs need to be put in place so that they can be around people who also suffer from the same issues as them. Our mental health is vital and should be taken care of.Over the years working in this field of mental health I feel this group needs advocacy because this has been an area with high demand in the metropolitan area. Not only does it effect the individuals who are suffering from the illness but it has an impact on families as well as relationships with their significant others. People who suffer from mental health illnesses have a hard time building social skills and living an independent life that should be lived because of ongoing issues. It is important to advocate change for people who fall in this category.It is important for this community to come together and put together the necessary funding that is needed to promote change. These families need more programs and counseling services for people who have to go through these every day issues. People who do receive treatment are in programs that are not beneficial for them and creates more problems down the line. Also families aren’t as knowledgeable on how to handle their loved ones who are suffering. Families also should be involved with the process as well.Again, Thank you for taking the time to read my letter your attention is greatly needed for our community in this area.SincerelyTierra Roberts3. Classmate (T. Wea)November 11, 2020The Honorable Representative Katherine M. Clark2448 Rayburn Office BuildingWashington, DC 20515Phone: (202) 225-2836Dear Representative Katherine M. Clark,My name is Tonya Weaver, and I am a community counselor who, also assist with school counseling with the public-school system located in Conyers, Georgia.  I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling at Walden University.  I am writing to encourage you to cosponsor HR 431 the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Act 2018.  This action will guarantee that children will have the opportunity to receive mental health services.Due to recent events that is happening in our nation some kids are experiencing episodes of anxiety and depression at an alarming rate.  For this reason, there is a need for more counselors that will ensure children can receive the adequate help needed.  The Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Act is projected to provide granted funding to states to lower staffing ratios for school counselors (ACA, n.d.).  This act can be beneficial in helping to establish a productive and positive environment for children, parents, and teachers.  Additionally, this act can further help to ensure that the learning and teaching process is not hindered due to teachers being pulled away from their classrooms to address issues that are   beyond their scope of assisting.I thank you for your unrelenting support regarding this matter.  Please consider passing the HR 431 the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Act 2018. This act can be the framework for a healthy and successful future for the children.Sincerely,Tonya WeaverReferencesAmerican Counseling Association (n.d.). government affairs: Take action. Retrieved December 10, 2019, from https://www.counseling.org/government-affairs/actioncenterRequired ResourcesHanisch, S. E., Twomey, C. D., Szeto, A. C. H., Birner, U. W., Nowak, D., & Sabariego, C. (2016). The effectiveness of interventions targeting the stigma of mental illness at the workplace: A systematic review. BMC Psychiatry, 16, 1–11. doi:10.1186/s12888-015-0706-4American Counseling Association. (n.d.). Government affairs: Take action. Retrieved December 10, 2019, from https://www.counseling.org/government-affairs/actioncenterRequired MediaWalden University (Producer). (2020e). Professional advocacy: Mental health counseling [Video file]. Minneapolis, MN: Author.

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