Concordia University Chapter 3 to 11 The Last Discourse of Jesus Homework –

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1)Compose an answer of about 250-300 words to the following question

Question 2-Chapters 3-11 of John has several places that lengthy conversations are recorded verbatim (Jesus speaks with Nicodemus, with a woman at the well, with religious authorities, with those who have eaten the miraculously multiplied bread, etc.) Choose one of these episodes and identify the main themes of these conversations. Take special note of the role that misunderstanding plays in these dialogues.

2) Reply to the following to students in a substantial response of at least 100 words each.

(3) John 13-18 relates the “last discourse” of Jesus, which he spoke just hours before his betrayal, trial, and death. What are the main themes here? Which parts stand out, in your opinion? Be specific.

In question three, there are a few things that stood out to me. First and foremost, a lot of people, including myself forget that The Last Supper was the Feast of Passover. Honestly, I don’t remember if I ever learned that before or if it’s something I always overlooked about it because there’s so much depth to these readings and the focus shifts to many other things during this time. When it comes to someone betraying him, I think this speaks to all of us as humans. In our time of need, many people will be there for us or say they will be there for us, but when it comes time to take action, not many people may do so. In this situation this person was Judas. Peter denying Jesus is another example of those not being there in your time of need. By denying Jesus twice, he did not do all he could have. By doing so, it’s just as bad as not doing anything at all. But, Jesus being who he was, forgave Peter. Jesus accepted his faith. By doing so he not only set an example for us to follow, which is accepting our fate for our decisions. In the end, this is the way to truly live by God. Accepting your faith, even though the outcome may be disastrous and forgiving those who have wronged us. Being able to do so is a way to live a better life.

(5) According to assigned chapters from Matthew and Mark, answer this question: Did Jesus expect strict obedience to divine law, or was he more lenient. Try to address both sides of the issue.
This question fascinates me because still to this day. It seems as though we can’t grasp the fact of self-righteousness. Not once in the scripture does Jesus violate the Torah Law. He was per say, if you will “strict”. I hate to use that word because it puts so much emphasis on the man. Before Jesus the law gives you a view of what the blessed life looks like. Jesus takes you there. The law came by Moses. The Law tells you what to do but it can’t tell you the part to do it. Jesus tells you what to do. There is a total of 613 commands all together. Most people only know about the big 10. The Story of the bible fundamentally is a story of how God is creating new kid of people who can love God and love others. When Jesus taught about the Torah, he spoke about fulfilling that story. The laws that God makes is part of the covenant. There is a pattern that we need to see here when it comes to the law. Laws, rebellion, laws rebellion, law rebellion. Humanity is incapable of following all of Gods laws. We see this perpetual pattern. Jesus agreed with the law. And was the only one that could fully fulfill it. He says all the law can be fulfilled in the just two. The point of Jesus coming is to show us how to use law and our hearts in one. Yes, it’s good to follow the rules but if our hearts are in the wrong place, we miss the purpose of what Gods intention for this is. Everyone was so caught up on being o strict with the law that they were actually hardening their hearts more. It’s through acts of compassion, and mercy and ultimately loving his enemies even until death. After his resurrection he told us that he would send Gods spirit to transform our hearts so that we could follow him and fulfil the purpose of the law, to love God and to love our neighbor. Or as the Apostle Paul would say “the one who loves fulfills the law”- Romans 13:8


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