Submit an essay plan that includes the following:

1) Your gender and work issue

2) Your working thesis

3) The purpose of each body paragraph (three body paragraphs), including:

–the main idea of each paragraph

–the specific evidence (quotation) you will use to support that idea

4) The main point you will make in your conclusion

NOTE: This assignment is asking for a plan, not for a complete essay.

My topic:

The specific gender and work issue I have decided to focus upon in Essay 1 is the issue of gender based stereotype at the workplace. Gender stereotype at the workplace main affect women through sexual harassment, wage gap, promotions, and perceived differences in skills or abilities between men and women.The effects of gender biasness or discrimination against women at the workplace tend to spread into various aspects of work in daily routines. I was led to choosing this issue because I find gender stereotyping and biasness to continue beingpersistent in ways that are not easy to identify or notice. In the video published on YouTube by NYU Abu Dhabi, (2018, min 204), I got interested by the narrator claim that gender discrimination at the workplace “could be driven by stereotypes and not by differences in abilities between the genders, which could have big negative consequences” (NYU Abu Dhabi, 2018).


The TEDx Talks video helps me develop my perspective in this issue, specifically where the speaker “young femalescientists tell me stories that are heartbreakingly similar to those of our early experiences” (TEDx Talks, 2015). To capture this quotation, the guidelines from the book’s chapter “The Art of Quotation” by Graff & Birkenstein (2010) helped quote just the right number of direct words enough to represent the speaker’s idea. In this quotation, the speaker, also a woman highlights incidences where women were discriminated against in many ways at school, colleges, and in the workplace. She says that it is a shock to see women still being stereotyped as less intelligent, underperformers and less skilled simply because they are women. While women have tried to cover the once existing huge gap between men and women in terms of education, the highly anticipated gender equality is excessively far to be attained.


One of the additional equations I would still have about the issue is; how can organizations utilize strategies derived from factors contributing to gender biasness to find gender discrimination at the workplace? The other question is; how can they cultural drivers to enhance awareness?


Your essay should have a compelling introduction. You should engage the reader by referring to a particular piece of evidence that helps you to introduce the gender issue that you are interested in. You might include a piece of evidence come from your personal experience, from a book, from a TED Talk, or from the culture (television show, film, commercial, etc.).

Your introduction should also, of course, include your thesis. Your thesis should give us a sense of what you realize about the specific work-related gender issue you have chosen to examine.

Broadly speaking, there are two different ways that you might approach your thesis (you would want to pick one or the other):

  1. You might decide that your thesis will be a claim about cause and effect. In other words, you might decide that your thesis will convey why you think the controversy exists. Who or what is responsible for the issue and why?
  2. Or, you might decide that your thesis will be a claim about solving the problem. How might the problem be solved and why?


In the body of your essay, you should support your thesis. Help us to see how your perspective on your topic is substantiated based upon what other thinkers (including Reeves and Sawhill, Soh, Slaughter, Orth) help you to realize. The body of your essay should contain paragraphs that are connected through transitional sentences. Remember that each piece of evidence in your body needs to be introduced in your words in a way that connects back to the previous paragraph and connects to your thesis. Once you introduce and present your evidence, you also need to interpret it for us and extract an idea from it that connects to your thesis.


Your conclusion should not simply repeat what you have already said in your essay. It should tie together what you have written in the body and leave the reader with something new to think about. It should make a move beyond what you have written thus far to consider the larger cultural implications of the issue you are interested in.

Another way to approach the conclusion is to consider the opposite of what you have argued in the body. You could use a sentence beginning with “Even though,” “While,” “Whereas,” or “And yet” to signal that you are providing an opposing perspective and thus crafting a more balanced, well thought-out essay.


Your essay will need to have a Works Cited list in MLA style, as well as parenthetical documentation in MLA style. Please consult the Purdue Owl website for proper MLA style. We are using MLA style 8th edition.

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