in this assignment please write a 2 3 paragraph response addressing the following

Previous reading: Read Chapter 1 from Successful College Composition

This weeks reading: Read Chapter 2, Sections 2.1 and 2.2 and Chapter 3, Section 3.8 in Successful College Composition

Additional reading is attached plus the book and project 1

Rhetoric video:

student weekly submission example: :The readings from weeks 1 and 2 provided me with an in-depth review of rhetorical analysis and opened my eyes to new ways of using rhetorical analysis in my daily life. Most of the reading from week 1 reminded me of the fundamental strategies to consider while reading and before writing. It reminded me to think about the audience, purpose, and context for writing assignments, similar to the strategies used to determine the ethos, logos, and pathos of rhetorical works that I have studied in other RWS classes. One new concept that I found interesting was the inclusion of media in this mix. With so many different forms of media today, all of which possess varying levels of appropriation, it makes sense that this is another piece to consider in analyzing rhetorical situations.

My favorite reading was “Backpacks and Briefcases: Steps toward Rhetorical Analysis” because it made me realize how often I use rhetoric already. This reading defined rhetoric as “the way we use language and images to persuade.” This intrigued me and got me thinking about how I am persuaded. As I have grown older and wiser, the more skeptical I have become in believing billboards and videos. The reading clearly explained why that is when they talked about the men’s deodorant commercial. “This campaign doesn’t just ask you to buy the product, though. It also asks you to trust the company’s credibility, or ethos, and to believe the messages they send about how men and women interact, about sexuality, and about what constitutes a healthy body.” As I finish my business classes, I can’t help but think about the marketing tactics I learned and how they are all used to persuade consumers to buy their product. Learning about rhetorical analysis has helped me become a more informed consumer, but I never thought about this thought process as rhetorical analysis until this reading. I also learned about exigence, audience, and constraints and how they apply to understanding context. I loved the example about the advertisement and the questions we might ask ourselves in analyzing an ad. “You first might ask, “what is the ad responding to? What problem does it hope to address?” That’s the exigence.” These questions I would ask when considering the audience and constraints taught me how to analyze the advertisement and how to analyze other pieces of media so I can be less of a skeptical consumer, but more of an informed consumer.

I found Cole’s rhetorical analysis of the picture of the calm black woman and riot police in the reading, “Rhetorical Analysis in the Real World: A Useful Thinking Tool,” very interesting. I easily understood and agreed with his analysis of how she looks like a superhero, but never would have thought to consider how this photo is so different that other images and videos in the Black Lives Matter movement. “Finally, he considered the image in the context of the photos usually seen in the media. Images of powerful, calm black women are rarely seen in American media. Moreover, the videos that anchor the BLM movement (the images caught on cell phone cameras of black men and women gunned down by cops) are devastating, moments of where black bodies are destroyed.” This analysis took a deeper look into it’s audience and argument. It’s audience, supporters of the BLM campaign can feel empowered by the photo rather than angered. Like the woman in the picture stood strong, this photo evoked emotion and power in its audience. This and any other media content is another type of situation where I myself applying rhetorical analysis in my life.

In this class, I am most looking forward to improving my writing skills in a business setting. I think that I can improve my writing by being more concise while still conveying a complete and informative message. I am also looking forward to improving my overall writing and diction to best elaborate myself.

This weeks assignment: Summarize the most important information you have read in Weeks 1-3 (include reading from this week). How will this information help you successfully complete Project #1? Which information can you specifically apply to your work for Project #1? Finally, how do you see this material being helpful to your life outside of the classroom, either at work or in your day-to-day life?

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