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For this discussion, you will first read the following articles and watch the following video.

Article: How Google Motivates Their Employees With Rewards and Perks
Employers such as Google are going to great lengths to provide extrinsic and intrinsic motivators to keep their employees engaged, create a motivating culture, and attract the best talent.

Article: How Good Are Your Motivation Skills?
Read this article and take the self-assessment on key factors for building a motivated team. The results of your self-assessment can assist you with the discussion question for this module and provide a good overview on your motivation skills. This article supplements the textbook reading for this module.

Library Article: Power Is the Great Motivator
This article, from the Harvard Business Review, describes the different ways managers may be motivated and how these motivations align with an organization’s goals.

Harvard Business Publishing does not allow direct linking to articles in the Harvard Business Review from course management systems. To locate the article, begin with the Shapiro Library database Business Source Ultimate. Type in the title of the article using the quotation marks “Power is the Great Motivator”. The article by David C. McClelland will appear and click on the PDF Full Text to read, download or print the article. This article supplements the textbook reading for this module. As you read the article, consider the following:

What are the motivational factors for a manager from a personal and organizational level?
What motivational techniques can a manager use to manage and lead?
Consider which of the three motivational categories you might fall into.

Video: The Puzzle of Motivation
This TED Talk by Dan Pink challenges the traditional system of rewards and incentives and offers a different viewpoint that managers should consider related to intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. This video supplements the textbook reading for this module.

Next, imagine that you are a manager of a start-up company with limited cash and resources. In your initial post, describe the types of motivators that you might employ as you develop your culture and attract good talent to your company. Explain why you have selected these motivators.

In responding to your peers, comment on the motivators they might employ. Offer suggestions based on your own experience or based on research.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

After completing the initial post please respond the these two posts 1 paragraph:

1. Dawn Coyne: As a manager of a start-up company, I would first speak with current and prospective employees about what their needs are. I would see which ones are feasible based on the resources I have to work with. Since I feel so strongly about companies understanding the value of family, the first thing I would put into place is a cost-free, on-site day care. I would not want to miss out on an amazing employee due to lack of childcare. I would also allow new parents, mom or dad, to bring their baby to work with them until the baby is six months old. This give time for the parent and child to continue bonding and, if the mom is nursing, it takes the stress out of having to pump and store milk and just makes life easier.

I would create a quiet space to give employees a place to just sit and relax when they need to step away from their work because sometimes, we all need that space to clear our head and just breathe. Drinks and snacks would be free. With limited cash and resources, I feel this would be the first step to moving to providing lunch which would be my goal over time and as business started picking up. If employees do not need to worry about what they are going to do about lunch, they can focus more on their work.

If resources were available, I would make a free gym for employees to workout and a shower room for afterward, in case they want to workout before work to save them from having to go back home to shower. I feel exercise if extremely important for a healthy life. With an on-site gym, this makes their life easier because they can workout when it is convenient and not have to worry about running to a gym or when they will fit it in.

2. Ashley Covert: If I were a manager of a start-up company I would make sure that I have the right employees. I feel that having the right employees will make the company grow. Usually customers see the employees first not the manager. I would establish a strong work culture. Have special incentives for the employees. These days employees feel that upper management forgets about them. In my position now as a manager myself I try to create a fun working environment I would use the same strategy in my own company. Establishing care for their job and fun which will result into working harder. When watching the video about motivation I liked the ROWE strategy. Everything seems to go up in this situation motivation to work on assignments and get them done. Also this doesn’t drain the employee and keeps their min fresh in ways. I think this would work for every company if they establish strong motivation within their employees to enjoy coming to work and giving 110%.


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