September 2023 This is NOT a case study It s about finding an international business

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This is NOT a case study It s about finding an international business 2023

This is NOT a case study. It’s about finding an international business topic with pro and contra sides and TAKING A STAND. Again, this is NOT A CASE STUDY. Do NOT write (or recycle from another a class) an article about a company. Especially do NOT write about IKEA. At least 25% of this class has used the same non-controversial prompt from the textbook (which is outdated, BTW). “Will be IKEA continue to be successful?” or “Should IKEA outsource production?” are NOT relevant, controversial or interesting. These papers will receive a “0” grade (zero, zilch, nada , niente , nichts , rien , bupkiss , goose-egg, bolo). NONE of your sources should be older than SEPTEMBER 2014. That refers to publication date (hard copy or first online posting). A September 2014 repost from 2010 does not meet the assignment criteria The first time was a warning….this time it’s serious: Follow the APA formatting instructions, please. Use the sample paper as a template. Use the other resources as necessary. There is also a folder in COURSE CONTENT that contains the same resources. Please plan accordingly and upload your assignment no later than 11:30PM to allow for the inevitable traffic and delays. Unless Blackboard OFFICIALLY goes down–and this is confirmed by my personal contact with Support Services, technical excuses are not accepted. TECHNICAL EXCUSES ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Sending me screen shots proves nothing. If you have a dodgy ISP, computer issues, or bad WiFi , then make alternate plans to write and submit your paper on time. Waiting until the last-minute virtually guarantees that you will experience some sort of issue. In the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, this is known as “Murphy’s Law.” Murphy’s Law dictates that if it can go wrong, it WILL go wrong. So start early and avoid being a Murphy victim. All times are Central Pick a global business topic on which there are pro and contra sides, one which relates directly to the topics covered in this class. You may also come up with your own topic, but if it doesn’t come from the textbook, email or text me for approval first so we can both be sure you are going in the right direction. Again, this is a class in export/import practices. That means international business Choosing Walmart’s testing of new store formats in the United States would NOT qualify; Walmart’s operations in China or Mexico or Chile or Brazil WOULD qualify. Conversely, Daimler-Benz’ plant in Alabama that is now exporting C-Class sedans back to Europe would qualify since it’s a foreign company operating in the US producing goods for export. Or the success of Apple stores in China would also qualify; Apple stores opening in the US would not. Once you choose the topic, your assignment is write an essay stating an informed position and a clear stand. The paper MUST be written in the third-person. Do not use “I’ or “me.” (The words are, of course, acceptable in direct quotations–but those quotes should not be from you.) Use the voice of authority. “The facts show, ” “Research makes it clear, ” “Experience dictates.,” “It is obvious that,” –all are clearly going to be your opinion, but they are much stronger as third-person statements than “I think that…” Format: APA, 12 pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced, one-inch margins on all sides. Minimum length: 3-5 pages NOT including mandatory title page and SEPARATE works cited/reference page. Per APA formatting, please use in-text citations, NOT footnotes, for any direct quotations or paraphrasing. See the Purdue Owl and sample paper for format. Minimum of three outside sources, none dated prior to September 2014. I do not go by word count; do not pad your work just to make it longer. Please make sure every word is there for a reason and helps convey your meaning. This is business writing, not creative writing. When in doubt, cut it out. Your papers should start with a brief summary of the issue’s main points followed by your own position on the subject and why you chose it. You will not earn any credits by simply restating the topic and rewording it. Please note that this assignment is analysis . It is not sufficient to state that you just agree or disagree with one of the sides in the case. You must demonstrate what you believe the proper position is and WHY —in other words, TAKE A STAND. Spelling and grammar count; you are all graduate students, and capable of proofreading your work, And for everyone—the possessive of the pronoun “it” is “its”—NO APOSTROPHE Potential Sources: T he Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Houston Business Journal, The Economist, The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek , Fortune and their respective online Web content are all recommended sources, but there are many others– T he Times of India, the Straits Times, the Independent, the Australian, the Guardian and other overseas publications can provide information not found in American sources. APA Formatting and Online Submissions All assignments in this course are to be submitted in proper APA format, with the exception of the Threaded Discussions. At a minimum this means: -12 pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced, one-inch margins on all sides -Properly formatted title page -Separate “Work(s) Cited” page with each work in indented APA format -In-text APA formatted citations for any direct quotes OR paraphrased material As graduate students, you are expected to be familiar with and to properly use APA formatting. There are resources available in the online course materials. In addition, the Purdue Owl offers an excellent reference for all things APA: https ://owl. english . purdue . edu /owl/resource/560/17/ For help in formatting citations, try Son of Citation Machine: http :// www . citationmachine .net/ IMPORTANT NOTE : While Citation Machine will arrange the information entered in proper order, it is still the student’s responsibility to put in Times New Roman, 12 pt type, double-space it and indent all lines after the first one. All TAKE A STAND papers must cite a minimum of three outside sources (nothing older than September 2014). You may not use Wikipedia .

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