September 2023 RCH520 1 Kean Flanagan Hi everyone my name is Kean Flanagan and I

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RCH520 1 Kean Flanagan Hi everyone my name is Kean Flanagan and I 2023

RCH520 1. Kean Flanagan Hi everyone my name is Kean Flanagan and I am a Marine who served from 2004 to 2008. I started on my AA at Grantham in 2013, and I should be finished with my MBA this fall. I have learned a lot about business and management throughout my time and all of my courses at Grantham. I do not have much knowledge about quantitative analysis but I hope to know more by the end of the semester. I have learned a little about it through my previous business courses, and I have worked with quantitative analysis to improve performance at my plant, but I am hoping to find valuable tools and lessons this semester. Quantitative analysis requires numeric information which are variables, because they have to be measurable and numeric data is measurable. The first step in the quantitative analysis approach is to define the problem, or to figure out what you are trying to accomplish. The second step is to develop a model or hypothesis for the problem that was previously defined. The user must have sufficient information and experience with the process in order to adequately form a model. Once the user knows what he or she is doing, they need to acquire the data that is going to be analyzed. The person needs to develop a solution to the problem that was determined suing the data that was acquired. The proposed solution needs to be tested by using both models that were developed in the early stages. There could often be multiple solutions to the problem, and all models need tested to ensure the best results. The results must be analyzed after testing to determine the best solution to the problem. The last step is to make the decision and implement the plan to improve the process. 2. Alicia Gonzalez Cruz I am Alicia, this my second class for my MBA class, I do not know anything about quantitative analysis, I get tongue twisted just saying the title for this course. I have an opened mind about this course it looks crazy difficult, but I ma willing to take the challenge. I am from Vegas and been in the Army Reserves for 12 years now. I want to complete my MBA so it can open up more opportunity in the civilian sector in Las Vegas so I can make more money and retire. So far I have learned alot fo the terms I heard before but never thougt I had implemented them in my life before. Quantitative Analysis is used in current business models to identify a problem and develop the best solution based of raw data and information gathered from this problem business. This is the scientific approach that managers use in making corporate decisions, based of business analytics. Developing a clear summary of the problem is the first step to quantitative analysis, after a well defined problem has been addressed, you must develop and create a model that represent the situation, expressing equalities and inequalities, considering the qualitative data to create a model. There is no emotions or guessing work this approach, this is all based on data. Raw material , valuable information and processes in order to make decisions meaningful. The use of current technology. For this approach mangers must include qualitative and quantitative factors. Using quantitative analysis can determine how much managers investments are worth. 3. Christopher Hill Chris’ response to Unit 4 DB question. I chose to watch A Beautiful Mind. I had never seen the movie before and it was definitely intriguing. I didn’t do any research on it before watching it, so when the issue of schizophrenia came up, I was unsure if John Nash actually had a psychological disorder, or if he was being set up by the government (whether that be ours or Russia’s). Once I realized that he actually was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, it was mind boggling. I cant begin to imagine what that must be like. Not only to have the intelligence that Nash had, but to have to realize that that the majority of what you thought to be real in your life, was not. Perception is absolutely different from person to person. Not always to the extent of John Nash, but rarely is it identical between two people. To him, the characters of Parcher, Charles and Marcee were real. In reality they were not. It doesn’t always have to be people that someone perceives to be real. What about a belief? A theory? A story? Even a memory? Are you 100% sure that everything in your life is real? 4. Sha Rhonda Porter RE: Unit IV Discussion Board Question Sharhonda’s response to the question The movie I selected is The Truman Show. I have seen this movie plenty of times and seem to always catch it at the ending so i was always confused of what was going on. Jim Carey plays Truman and he is the star of the movie literally.Truman is followed everyday by hidden cameras by a producer whom is trying to control his mind however he is unaware that he is even being broadcasted all over the world. When I watch movies like this I think of my favorite cousin. He always tells me that the government has set boundaries on certain drugs because once we have that high it is the truths of the world. In a way I do feel this is how we are living now our minds are being corrupted when we take these vaccines and using wifi and any other government official source. Is this what the world has come to? Are we so corrupted that we dont see the truth anymore?

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