September 2023 Chosen Organization is Lockheed Martin LMT Turkey Crafting a Global Strategy Gustavo da Silva your organization s senior

2024 Crafting A Global Strategy Assignment Help

Chosen Organization is Lockheed Martin LMT Turkey Crafting a Global Strategy Gustavo da Silva your organization s senior 2023

Chosen Organization is Lockheed Martin (LMT) Turkey Crafting a Global Strategy Gustavo da Silva, your organization’s senior vice president for business development and strategy, calls you in the office from an international flight. “Hi,” he says. “Do you have a minute?” “As you know, we had our CEO off site this past weekend, and all our general managers and business development vice presidents got marching orders for the next fiscal year, “…specifically our expected financials,” he says. “Our CEO, Rasheed Ali, has promised the board that between cost efficiencies and new business… “…we will exceed last year’s revenues by 8 to 10 percent. I know that’s a huge commitment considering we are already… “… two months into the fiscal year. To achieve this goal we’ll need a global strategy to open up our organization’s international markets.” Gustavo continues, “I want you to take over a time-sensitive project in support of this. If it goes well, I’ll ask you to submit your findings to our CEO and the board of directors with your recommendations. I’ll email you later this week the exact scope and schedule of what I need you to accomplish. You can probably tell that it’s going to require a fair amount of research on your part, as well as a thorough analysis, to support your proposed strategy.” He tells you that the project needs to be completed soon. “Consider this your top priority,” he says, “and good luck.” Subject: Targeting an 8-10% annual revenue increase Email; Hi, Thanks for taking on this task for me. Here are the details— This project will have three parts. Your first task is to conduct a thorough analysis of our resources and capabilities. This organization profile needs to address our existing strategy, people, skill sets, and what we can do to increase our market share and profitability. We know we won’t be able to make that 8 percent target domestically, so we need to set up shop overseas and tap into foreign customers. We’ll need a strategy, an analysis of the global competitors trading in our target market today, an overview of potential stakeholders, and an evaluation of our own capabilities. Finally, we must lay the analytical groundwork for what could become a fully developed business plan. Although this is a major initiative, keep in mind that cost reduction is important. Assess what resources and personnel in the organization today can facilitate this move. The second part of this project is to conduct an industry analysis to evaluate the external environment, including international competitors across our industry. How difficult will it be to enter a new international market from a position of strength? What should we produce that is both attractive to our customers and competitive in the new market? Are there any legal and regulatory issues we need to be aware of in the United States or abroad? In short, how can we best compete against those firms already doing business in our proposed area? How do we differentiate ourselves from them? What can we produce that our new country’s customers will want to buy? What about the potential to export from that country? Finally, we’ll need a new country risk assessment. Which is the best country to expand into? Our strategy people have created a list of possibilities, but you will direct the analysis. It will be a new market for us—do not assume we have any infrastructure there. What are the risks in the proposed area and how can we mitigate those risks? We need to be aware of legal, cultural, and market forces. You can recommend an expansion of our products into your chosen country, establish new value-chain activities, or strategize some combination of the two. That’s your call. You need to choose a country that will be the best fit for what we do and who we are. Keep in mind that cost reduction is important. Let’s also look at countries that don’t demand wholesale re-engineering of our organizational processes. We need to expand, but let’s minimize risk and avoid needless costs where we can. Best, Gustavo Chosen Organization is Lockheed Martin (LMT) Turkey Your report should follow these guidelines: 14–15 pages, excluding the title page, table of contents, reference page, and appendices in-text citations and references should abide by APA format 12-point Times New Roman font one-inch margins double-spaced. Your report should include the following components: Title page states the organization’s full legal name, country,  and the organization’s product recommendation for [NAME OF ORGANIZATION] to enter  [COUNTRY] market for [PRODUCT] date and your name Table of contents page numbers for each major section Executive summary (see note below) summarizes the results of your analysis and how you  arrived at the recommendation belongs on a separate page from the introduction to  the paper Introduction (first page of paper body) states the purpose of the paper tells what the paper will do introduces the industry, country, and organization  by name Analyzing organization’s resources and capabilities choice of organization organization profile strategy and competitive position of the  organization organization’s competitive strategy statement market and financial performance Understanding your organization’s industry trends in your industry analysis using Porter’s five forces What is the competitive structure of the industry?  Describe the following: Entry barriers—How difficult is it to enter this  industry? Are there several players competing for profitability? Are  there significant threats of new entrants? Intensity of rivalry—Identify your organization’s  top three competitors. Discuss industry rivalry. Is competition intense? Bargaining power of buyers—Who are the buyers in  this industry? What kind of influence do buyers have on the competitors  in the industry? Globalization makes it easier for buyers to source  products worldwide. Is this the case in this industry? Bargaining power of suppliers—Provide a profile of  the suppliers. Suppliers with significant industry influence can play a  major role in the marketplace. For instance, DeBeers, the world’s leading  supplier of diamonds, has enormous bargaining power in the diamond  industry. Threat of substitutes—Carefully distinguish between  similar products in the same industry. A substitute product for eye  glasses would be contact lenses. Train travel is a substitute for  travelling by car. Analyzing country’s external environment selection of a new country for market expansion international expansion and global market  opportunity assessment PESTEL analysis global value chain cultural issues Conclusion One- or two-page summary of your recommendations  and your rationale Reference APA-style reference page Appendices large data tables Before you submit your assignment, review the competencies below, which your instructor will use to evaluate your work. A good practice would be to use each competency as a self-check to confirm you have incorporated all of them in your work. 1.1: Organize document or presentation clearly in a manner that promotes understanding and meets the requirements of the assignment. 5.2: Assess the implications of legal, ethical, and cultural (national) standards on an organization’s operations in global markets and make recommendations for appropriate actions. 6.1: Identify the general (external) environment in which an organization operates and discuss the implications for enterprise success. 6.2: Evaluate the strategic implications for domestic and international markets of an organization’s industry. 6.3: Analyze an organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses for strategic value. 6.4: Develop and recommend strategies for an organization’s sustainable competitive advantage. 7.4: Analyze the impact of international and foreign laws on US organizations acting domestically and abroad. 8.1: Evaluate major business/organizational systems and processes and make recommendations for improvement. 9.1: Design organizational structure, systems and processes that support the strategic goals of the organization. 10.1: Apply relevant microeconomics principles to support strategic decisions for the organization. 12.1: Assess market risk and opportunity. 13.1: Identify and analyze new opportunities. 13.2: Create and implement new initiative or enterprise. 13.3: Create and manage new enterprise.

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