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Linking words are used to introduce, connect and join together information. These words are essential and are used in a variety of ways to help the flow of ideas. There is often a list of linking words to help write an essay or report in English.

Well-written essays often contain a collection of topic sentences, linking words and supporting details. Patterns of thought and language emerge from strong writing skills. Refine writing and communication skills with this list of linking words. Here are some useful linking words for writing essays in English.

What are Linking Words?

Words that bridge different concepts in a text are called linking words. It demonstrates a connection between the items being discussed or that your argument is well-founded. Unlike the simple paragraph starters we’ve already discussed, linking words can be found at the beginning of paragraphs and in the middle of sentences to link two ideas together.

Why Should I Study Connective Language?

There is a simple explanation for this. It won’t make sense if you can’t use various linking words to join ideas in your writing. Your reader will, at best, become confused and miss the point of what you are trying to say because the pieces of text that should normally fit together don’t.

Now that you understand their definition and importance, can you give me some examples of linking words? There are so many that we couldn’t list them all; however, we do hope that by showcasing some examples and demonstrating their significance in a sentence, you will better understand their role and be motivated to learn more on your own.

List of Useful Linking Words


  • Another
  • And
  • And then
  • Likewise
  • Besides
  • In addition
  • Furthermore
  • Also
  • As well as
  • Moreover
  • Similarly
  • Not only … but also
  • Even
  • Besides this
  • Too
  • In the same way
  • Additionally
  • Lastly, last but not least, finally


  • The bus service will also run every two hours on Sundays.
  • He said that he had not spoken with her about the subject. In addition, he hadn’t even reached out to her.
  • We cannot repair this watch. Additionally, this has happened four times already.
  • I enjoy donning earrings. I also design and produce them.
  • Today, we visited the park. We also went shopping in addition to that.
  • Elections, like parties and parliaments, have lost their allure.
  • I’m unable to afford the concert ticket. In addition, I’m not much of a fan of classical music.
  • You still owe the rent. You also owe me money, too.
  • The report is presented poorly. Additionally, it is inaccurate.
  • John has been so lethargic lately, which is why his grades are horrible. His relationship with his parents also deteriorated.
  • The report includes several sensible measures other than this one.


  • On the other hand
  • Despite
  • Though
  • However
  • Although
  • But
  • On the contrary
  • In spite of
  • Otherwise
  • Yet
  • Instead of
  • Whereas
  • Nonetheless
  • Rather
  • Even though
  • In contrast
  • Alternatively


  • This system is much simpler to install than most.
  • We have a slim possibility of successfully amending the law.
  • Although they can be pricey, laptops are practical.
  • The issues are not severe. We must, however, deal with them quickly.
  • Even though it was raining, I went for a walk.
  • In contrast to the meticulous bee, the butterfly flies all over the place for no apparent reason.
  • The company will arrange your transportation. You can also arrange your transportation instead.
  • Countries in northern Europe enjoyed a wonderful summer. Contrarily/conversely, the weather in Southern Europe was not good.
  • Even still, the news surprised a lot of long-time friends.
  • Unlike his white colleagues, he valued teaching his students over wanting to become well-known.
  • This idea is directly at odds with the situation in Ireland.

Ideas Comparison

Use: To demonstrate how things are similar.

Linking phrases

  • Similarly \sEqually \sLikewise
  • Just as Just like Comparable to Same as
  • Comparative / Comparative to / By the same token
  • Similar to corresponding 


  • The attendance for the hockey and basketball games is similarly close to capacity.
  • Similarly, not all clients are truthful.
  • Her second marriage also ended in divorce.
  • She has sister-like intelligence.
  • Taking care of housecats is similar to taking care of lions or tigers.
  • Some individuals have compared my running form to his.
  • Power cannot be used only by having it.
  • Compared to two years ago, he starts the ball off rapidly.
  • Teenagers should treat others with more respect, and parents should show more compassion.
  • Alex likes to joke around, and his son enjoys hilarious stories.
  • As a result, the roles that each of them played quickly diverged.


  • Firstly
  • Initially
  • In the first stage
  • One reason
  • To begin with
  • Secondly
  • Another reason
  • Another advantage
  • Then
  • Earlier
  • Later
  • After this
  • At this point
  • Following this
  • A further reason
  • In the final stage
  • The final reason


  • First and foremost, I like the train more because I can see the scenery.
  • The young man then leaped into the air and took off, flying toward the setting sun.
  • We arrived the next day after they arrived on Monday night.
  • They had received my visit three days prior.
  • On the list, your name appears before mine.
  • New rules were then communicated to all staff members.
  • In particular, stay in touch.
  • Finally, and perhaps most crucially, you ought to have optimism.
  • Last but not least, I notice that I struggle to connect with women.
  • Our players will continue to be our top priority.


  • As a result
  • Thus
  • So
  • Therefore
  • Consequently
  • It follows that
  • Thereby
  • Eventually
  • Then
  • In that case
  • Admittedly


  • Obviously
  • Certainly
  • Plainly
  • Of course
  • Undoubtedly


  • Since
  • As
  • So
  • Because
  • Due to
  • Owing to
  • The reason why
  • In other words
  • Leads to
  • To
  • Cause of
  • In order to
  • Causes


  • If
  • Unless
  • Whether
  • Provided that
  • Depending on


  • In conclusion
  • To recapitulate
  • In summary
  • Lastly
  • Finally
  • To sum up
  • To conclude
  • In short


  • In conclusion, walking is a convenient, affordable, safe, and fun form of exercise.
  • In conclusion, this is a clever solution to a widespread issue.
  • We enjoyed the music and the tasty cuisine. Overall, it was a wonderful evening.
  • His books are a product of a glorious but long-gone era. Simply put, they are outdated.
  • In conclusion, there are three basic approaches to solving the issue.
  • In conclusion, this was a lacklustre showing.
  • In a nutshell, our staff is currently among the greatest in the world.
  • I’d want to end by wishing everyone a very good holiday season.

Using Illustrations

Usage: To offer illustrations

  • Connecting words:
  • as an example/as an example
  • such for example,
  • If applicable, evidence of this like


  • For example, the botanical garden and the art museum are only two of the city’s numerous noteworthy attractions.
  • I like to dress comfortably, like in jeans and a sweatshirt.
  • I have a week off work, including Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
  • We must concentrate on our target market, ladies between the ages of 20 and 30.
  • In this situation, I believe I could have changed things.
  • We must maintain this edifice since it is a tangible symbol of this existence.
  • I also create bracelets and rings for jewelry.

Connector Words in English

Here are some examples of connector words:


Function: Joining words and phrases to embrace a concept or viewpoint reluctantly

  • Admittedly
  • Albeit
  • All the same
  • Although
  • Although/Even though
  • And still
  • And yet
  • Be that as it may
  • Even if
  • Even so
  • Even though
  • However
  • In spite of
  • Nevertheless
  • Nonetheless
  • Regardless of this
  • Up to a point


Function: To state the obvious

  • As a rule
  • Broadly speaking
  • Commonly
  • For the most part
  • Generally speaking
  • In general/ Generally
  • In most cases
  • Mainly
  • More often than not
  • Mostly
  • Normally
  • Often
  • On the whole
  • On the whole
  • Overall
  • Predominately
  • Regularly
  • Typically

Highlighting a Point

Usage: To more aggressively advance a concept or notion

Connecting words:

Unquestionably Above all Positively It should be stated Unquestionably Indeed Particularly / in particular Importantly Absolutely Definitely Without a doubt Never


  • Unquestionably, one of the biggest draws is the plot itself.
  • I couldn’t care less. Yes, I would be happy to assist.
  • We don’t want to overspend.
  • I adore silver earrings, especially those made in Mexico.
  • It is a little car, especially if you have kids.
  • This will undoubtedly cost a lot more than we anticipated.
  • What’s more, can he be trusted?
  • He makes extremely delicious meals.
  • I am positive that I sent the letter.
  • We are still adamant that we can win this series.
  • I never get shocked by what I do.
  • It should be mentioned that you should note anything you want to remember.
  • He has made teaching a priority throughout his career, without a doubt.
  • This woodland is built to endure damage above all.
  • This is absolutely the worst scenario I can think of.


Function: To provide a contrast to what has already been spoken

  • Alternatively
  • As an alternative
  • Simply said 
  • Simply said 
  • Put another way
  • Alternatively
  • Reiterated
  • Differently, put
  • Simplified
  • Put simply 
  • That is to say, to put it another way


Function: To a relationship between continuing ideas presented in your essay.

  • As applied to
  • As far as
  • Concerning
  • Considering
  • In connection to
  • In terms
  • Pertaining to
  • Regarding
  • Some examples of these might be:
  • Speaking about/of
  • The fact that
  • With regards to
  • With respect to


Function: To provide a connection between the ongoing concepts in your writing.

  • As applied to
  • As far as
  • Concerning
  • Considering
  • In connection to
  • In terms
  • Pertaining to
  • Regarding


  • Speaking about/of
  • The fact that
  • With regards to
  • With respect to

Linking Words and Phrases

Connections Between Clauses in a Sentence

You can use the words listed here when you want to combine two phrase components.

Despite her age, she can still run a long distance.

She is attractive and unmarried, but even if she weren’t, she would still be without a partner.

You might want to bring flat shoes if you plan to dance later.

She was quite busy, but she still found time to help.

He brought a sizable umbrella so he wouldn’t get wet if it rained.

You can count on me no matter what.

Billy doesn’t have a dog, whereas Samantha does.

You can borrow money from me whenever you need it.

No matter where you go, I’ll still be here for you.

The various words listed above can be used to connect two clauses or portions of a phrase. This list is by no means comprehensive, and you might discover additional connectives that are more appropriate for your topic. These are merely a few illustrations of various connectives and how they might be employed in sentences.

Linking Two Distinct Sentences

When connecting two complete sentences, utilize the linking words and phrases below. Remember that a comma should come after a connective word if it begins the sentence. Since they are frequently interchangeable, the words in this section will be grouped.

  • Consequently, furthermore, etc

The business is expanding. There will therefore be more positions available.

  • Additionally/Further/Additionally/More over

The vacation is overpriced. In addition, I’m not inclined to go.

  • However/Nevertheless/Nonetheless

Opened was the store. But nobody visited the kiosk.

  • Similarly, likewise, similarly

Teenagers, in my opinion, are respectful. Research has also demonstrated this.

When connecting two distinct statements, you can utilize the words mentioned above. As previously said, the list is not all-inclusive. But this should give you a solid concept of the many available connectives and how to link them to link two sentences.

Learning linking words (also known as connectives), an element of the English language, can be challenging. Hopefully, this list of linking words and phrases contains enough examples to get you going. You might even be able to expand the list on your own.

Bottom Line

Using linking words between two thoughts in an English essay is important. The flow of the essay depends on them. Your writing can either sound dull or very lively, depending on how you link your sentences together with linking words. So next time you write an essay, think consciously about using the right linking words to connect sentences and make your writing sound more solid and impressive.


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